AdSense Adds Favicons to Text Ads

FaviconsThe folks at Google’s AdSense product have announced the addition of favicons to their text ads.

The Inside AdSense Blog tells us

We’re constantly thinking about how we can make our ad formats better for you, your users and the advertisers appearing on your pages. Today we’re happy to share the introduction of favicons to our text ads. A favicon is a small graphic that an advertiser can use to brand their website, such as their company logo.

We regularly experiment with small changes to the look of our text ads, measuring the potential impact on user experience and publisher earnings. Our experiments show that adding these favicons to the ads makes advertisers more recognizable to your users, which benefits both you and the advertisers whose ads appear on your sites.

Event: Accelerate Your Analytics Knowledge

Acclererate LogoOne thing we are going to be doing a bit more moving forward is helping our readers become aware of some of the great events that can be found most months of the year that will help advance your knowledge of a rapidly growing space.

The latest one to catch our eye was actually being ‘promoted’ in the Google Analytics blog. Hey, if you want to give your conference a little boost, getting Google to pimp it is pretty strong. The conference is called Accelerate and it will be in Columbus, OH September 26, 2013. Here’s some more from the blog post

Google Slips Ads Into the Gmail Stream: The Internet is Furious

While most of the journalists in the world are busy spreading what little news we have about the royal baby, tech sites are squarely focused on a new, insidious threat from Google.

It all began a few days ago when web information retrieval specialist Antonio Gulli posted this simple message on Twitter.

The attached imaged shows what looks like a normal email in Antonio’s Gmail box but a closer look reveals the truth. It’s actually an advertisement (as denoted by the small ad symbol under the sender’s name) that was slipped into his Promotion Tab stream.

Lessons in Branding from Lifetime’s Supermarket Superstar

supermarket superstarSupermarket Superstar is a new business competition series on Lifetime.  It’s like Shark Tank meets Cupcake Wars and its loaded with great lessons about small business branding.

The series revolves around amateur chefs who think their original product deserves shelf space in a major grocery store. Last night’s premiere episode was all about cakes. The queen of cookies Debbi Fields was on hand to mentor the contestants, along with celebrity chef Michael Chiarello and branding expert Chris Cornyn.

Unlike most cooking shows, this one isn’t all about how the food tastes. In this show, it’s about the brand. There’s only one judge, Tom Dahlen, the buyer for A&P supermarkets. Impress him and you’re on your way.

Twitter Opens TV Ad Targeting to All National Brands

twitter and tvWhen we talk about social media activity, Facebook usually ends up in the number one slot. But when you add TV to the mix, Twitter is the one to beat.

There’s something about the fast paced, hashtag-loving social media network that clicks with TV viewers. Last year, American Idol fans produced more than 5.8 million Tweets. And Twitter has become such a powerful indicator of a show’s popularity, Nielsen is now using the data to help rate TV shows.

Twitter didn’t start out to be The TV advertiser’s best friend but like any smart business, they saw what was happening and found a way to capitalize on it.

Production for Google Glass Displays Pegged At Up To 7 Million Annually

Sergey Brin Google GlassOK all of you folks who have Google Glass and make up a new class of cool kids. Your time being unique may be short lived.

Variety has reported that Google’s investment in Himax Displays indicates that there are big plans for Glass sales

Google has taken a stake in Himax Display, which produces microdisplays for head-mounted devices including Google Glass — indicating the Internet giant expects to ramp up production to more than 2 million units per year, according one Wall Street analyst.

The Google investment in Himax Display “signifies that Google intends to prepare for more than 2 million units of annual Glass production,” and that the company’s previous 2 million limit ”was not viewed as sufficient to Google,” Mark Gomes of PoisedtoTriple Research wrote in a blog post. He suggested the Taiwan-based manufacturer is boosting production capacity to 7 million LCOS microdisplays annually.

Faster Overall Internet Speeds and More in State of the Internet Report

This report from Akamai, admittedly an ad for the company wrapped in an interesting title and some researc, covers some serious ground that Internet marketers should be aware of.

With a focus on the overall speeds across the globe there is also a focus on the state of mobile which simply shows the use of mobile data booming. Take a look for yourself.

Akamai Q1 2013 State of the Internet Report

What does this mean for marketers? It’s pretty simple. Faster connection speeds means less lag and cleaner delivery of content whether it is advertising, posts or whatever. As we move more toward an image centric web it is nice to know that image heavy sites and specific content options will be less likely to bog down in delivery.