Idiot Runs Onto Field At MLB All Star Game Because He Got 1,000 Retweets

Well, this is definitely the dark side, or should I say dumb side, of the social media space for sure.

CBS New York reports about a ‘fan’ who ran onto the field during the MLB All Star Game last night.

There might not have been a ton of action on the field during Tuesday night’s MLB All-Star Game — the American League won a pitching duel, 3-0 — but spectators at the park were entertained when a fan sporting a Robinson Cano shirt ran onto the field and was taken down by security guards.

He’s known as @MasoneDylan on Twitter, and prior to the Midsummer Classic he tweeted that if he received 1,000 retweets he would “run across the field.”

Sure enough, he got the 1,000 retweets necessary.

You can guess what he did next. This is what he got for his efforts.

(Note: If this was in Philly they would have tasered him so this guy, unfortunately, gets off easy)

I am not playing the role of ‘stick in the mud’ here. It’s just that stunts like this in an age where people are wary of anyone doing anything that could even remotely smell of something more serious (in the wake of the Boston marathon bombings EVERYONE at events like this are on high alert) are not smart.

New Google Maps Available to All

The newest version of Google Maps was an invite only affair until yesterday. Now anyone can opt-in to get the new map experience.

If you haven’t seen what this latest version looks like and does here is the video from May that Google put together.

And for you iOS users out there 9 to 5 Mac reports

In line with last week’s expectations of an updated Google Maps app, Google has begun rolling out version 2.0 of Google Maps for iOS today. Most notably, the new application includes support for the large touch screens found on the iPad and iPad mini.

Of course, not everyone in the comments section of this post is happy (shocker!) as the update requires iOS 6. You can read more about it here at the Google Lat Long blog.

Forget Sharknado, Mobile Warming is Coming Your Way

doomed7You can try to deny it but the facts make it so – humans are causing global mobile warming and believe me, you do not want to get caught out in the cold.

The folks at WompMobile take this threat to our internet existence very seriously. . . actually, they’re not taking it very serious at all and that’s why its so brilliant.

WompMobile is a start-up that wants to help businesses optimize their websites for mobile. It’s a noble cause because there’s nothing worse than browsing a broken website when you’re trying to buy  neon yellow, designer shoes with a 6-inch heel on your iPhone.

New Gmail Inbox Puts Your Marketing Emails in Their Place

When I logged on to Gmail this morning, I was greeted with an overlay saying that Google had updated the service to make it easier for me to use. Wasn’t that nice of them? What they did was organize all of my email into tabs so I can find what I want faster. Not bad.

Here’s what it looks like:

new inbox


From the consumer point of view, this is pretty slick especially since I only use my Gmail account as a catch-all. I usually only hit it when I’m looking for something specific, like the tracking number on the DVD I just bought. Now I can go in and find it fast. That email should be under the “Updates” tab.

Google Play Updates Web Store to Match Android Version

While it may not seem like such a big deal on the surface, the change that Google has made to the web version of its Play store indicates something about Google that is gaining momentum.

The store now has the more playful (pun intended) look that most of Google’s Android apps have taken with the use of colors and simply being more visually appealing, not to mention easier to navigate and actually find what you are looking for.

The new main page looks like this and was announced in a Google+ post

Google Play Store Web Redesign

Interestingly enough, what we are seeing from Google in a design sense is a simpler more consistent look that is a little flat but it’s effective. Considering some of the screenshots that have been shared about the new look and feel of iOS 7 could it possibly appear like Apple is going to mimicking Google’s design elements? Now that would be a switch for sure and likely to knock the world off its axis.

Google Enhanced Campaigns Final Switch Over July 22

If you are running AdWords campaigns for your company or your clients then are likely to be aware that Google has offered the opportunity to switch campaigns over to the new enhanced campaign platform since the program was introduced back in February.

As with most things Google has given folks some time to make sure they move their existing campaigns to the enhanced platform so they can make sure everything transfers over accurately.

As I was reminded by the email below, if you have done this yet, you better do it now or else you are risking letting the chips fall as they may as Google throws the switch and turns all campaigns over to the enhanced version as of July 22.

Enhanced Google Campaigns

This is just a friendly reminder to our readers who have resisted the change or simply waited until the last minute. Looking at one sentence of the above announcement should be enough to make anyone want to take matters into their own hands rather than roll the dice. That sentence is

Elastic Pricing for Content: Should Popularity Drive Prices Up or Down?

This morning, I visited the online portal for my local newspaper to check on my subscription. (I didn’t get my Sunday paper.) When I hit the page, I saw a story that interested me, so I clicked on the headline to read it and got this:


I understand their need to make money but there are several things that bothered me about this graphic. First, the idea that this particular story is “original content exclusively for subscribers.” It’s a story about a traffic accident that led to a freeway closure. Even though I subscribe to the newspaper, rather than deal with figuring out how to log in, guess what I did? I left the site and went to local news station KTLA where I was able to read the story right now and for free.