Is Facebook Hiding the Viewer Stats on Purpose? Two Sides of the Story

510372_cinema_hall“Posting to a social network site is like speaking to an audience from behind a curtain. The audience remains invisible to the user: while the  invitation list is known, the final attendance is not.”

That quote comes from a Stanford University study called “Quantifying the Invisible Audience in Social Networks.” I’d like to say I discovered the paper while catching up on my academic reading over the weekend. The truth is, I discovered it while catching up on the world according to BuzzFeed.

After reading “22 Reasons Why You’ll Want Persian Cats On Your Apocalypse Team” I moved on to “The Number Facebook Doesn’t Want You To See.”

According to author Charlie Warzel, the hidden factor is the number of people who saw your post. Pages owners see this number, but the average user who posts to a personal profile does not.

Stop Link Building For Penguin

linkbuilding“Hey, we need some links. Can you get them for us?”

“We got hit by penguin! We need you to get us some better links than the last agency got us.”

The more client work that gets sent my way, the more requests I see for links. Which is no big deal, but when the site has no resources on it, much less a blog, I get a nervous twitch in my right eye. I mean that could also be the caffeine getting to me, but I’m not one for stopping coffee cold turkey to find out.

How do you come up with the missing resources?

Black Friday in July? Target Destroys the Meaning of ‘Special’

black friday JulyI woke up this morning to a very disturbing Target ad in my email.

According to the pop-loving retailer, today is Black Friday. For a moment I wondered if I’d undergone some bizarre, Rip Van Winkle experience. I know I haven’t been sleeping well, so maybe my body finally gave up and pulled me down to sleep for 4 months.

I knew that couldn’t be true because after four months, my email inbox would have a lot more than 50 new messages. No, the only reasonable explanation was that Target was trying to trick me into thinking that today was special. Friday after Thanksgiving special. Start of the holiday season special.

I’m not buying it. It’s July and it’s hot and sticky and last week there were fireworks in the sky. This is no time for a Black Friday sale.

Were You Planning on Buying Hulu? Too Late! It’s No Longer for Sale

Not-for-saleI was thinking about buying Hulu. I’m a big fan of classic TV and I love streaming shows on my iPad so I thought, why not? I know the company isn’t making a profit but I figured that with my love of television, I could turn that around. Stock the place with old Lost in Space episodes and run 50’s b-horror movie marathons on the weekend – the subscribers would come running with fistfuls of cash.

Alas, my dream of being Hulu’s next CEO are over because Hulu is no longer for sale.

I don’t feel too bad, because it’s not like they sold the company to someone else. Nope. The owners decided to keep it after all. They even agreed to dump more cash into the site – a full $750 million – in order to “propel future growth.”

Moving forward with the Marketing Pilgrim Job Board

moving forwardDon’t look back. You are not going that way. – Unknown

Are you looking backwards with regret or are you choosing to move forward by searching for that new job? Or to find that new hire? You can start moving forward here at Marketing Pilgrim! Why not check out the Marketing Pilgrim Job Board today?

The Marketing Pilgrim Internet Marketing Job Board is a great place to take that first step. You can find the full listings here.

If you are looking for that perfect hire you would be hard pressed to find a better audience than ours for just $27 / per month per listing as well. Find out how to list your July openings here.

Have you seen the new listings this week (as of July 12)? Here is a sampling:

The Why and How for the Evolution of Link Building as Content Marketing (Part 1)

link building.bwI first want to get three things out of the way:

Link building is not dead.
Link building is still imperative to any SEO efforts.
The “old” ways of link building are still valuable.
But things have changed for you as a marketer.

And this change is only the beginning.

Here’s where you are now, and where you’re going as an SEO, link builder, and content marketer.

The Four Axioms of Search Engines and Relevance

Search engines are here for one thing: To provide the most relevant search results for its users.

That’s it. Nothing else.

Search engines do not care that you rely on their traffic to make money as a marketer or webmaster. And in the ways that they do care (e.g. making Google Analytics free), they only care about because it helps them fulfill on their promise to their users.

Google Plus and Authorship Impact on Search Listings

googleauthorshipA study released this week by found that postings from Google Plus personal accounts have seen a 10% increase in page 1 organic search placement in Google for the time period of January 2012 to May 2013. The analysis was performed by conducting personal brand searches (i.e. name searches) for 500 of the world’s top tech writers. Conductor found that 9 out of 10 tech writers in the analysis have a Google Plus account and 74% of those with Google Plus accounts had taken the step of setting up Google Authorship.

So They Have Google Plus Accounts. What’s the Big Deal?