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Twitter Hopes to Encourage Embedding of Tweets With Test of New Service

Twitter has been in trials with a new feature that will list which sites have embedded a tweet so Twitter users can follow a story with more options.

The Verge reports:

Twitter has begun trialling new features that give users a way to learn more about the tweets that they read. As noted by security expert Mikko Hypponen, Twitter has enabled a new “Embedded on these websites” notice below popular tweets on the web which lists articles that feature it. Users are invited to click through and discover the story behind the original post.

Here’s how it looks. Note at the bottom of the tweet under “Embedded on these websites”.

When this becomes more widespread it will certainly be an incentive for those creating tweets (to show who embeds their tweets and to hopefully increase their ‘profile’ amongst users) and publishers in general as they look for more ways to be in the Twitter stream of influencers.

While this has been seen in the wild there is no information from Twitter as to when this feature may be released for all.

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