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I was alerted to this video by Greg Matthews and thought it was interesting enough to pass along to everyone.

The basic premise is that the NBA’s second pick in the draft, Victor Oladipo, was going to wear Google Glass to record the entire process of being drafted by the Orlando Magic. Let’s just say it didn’t go as planned since Glass creates some issues for some organizations. The best laid plans …….

The experiment was conducted by Nilay Patel who is managing editor at The Verge. He has some pretty strong feelings about Glass as reported in this article over at Fast Co.Labs

“Glass, I think, is pretty useless for normal people,” says managing editor Nilay Patel at the Verge. “It just doesn’t add value to your everyday life. But as a media person–someone who makes stories–it’s a head-mounted Internet-connected camera that celebrities want to wear. It is a narrative tool unlike anything else.”

The full Verge article is here.

The video is here.

Patay’s assessment of the sum total based on his vision was as straightforward as his opinion of Glass for the everyman.

“Best case scenario, kaboom! He wears it during the draft and gets it all on video, then we do video around him, and an interview after the event with his byline–as told to me,” says Patel. “It was supposed to be as first person as it gets. And none of that happened.”

Disappointing? Maybe but someone has to start doing these types of experiments or else we will never know just how far this kind of first person point of view sharing can go or, in the case of the NBA, will be allowed to go.

So what was your take? Was this something that added to your knowledge of the NBA Draft? Of Victor Oladipo? Did is do anything for you? Will Glass be the game changer many feel it will be?