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The battle for social mobile (somobile? socible?) dominance continued this week with a fancy new upgrade for Vine. They’re calling it their “biggest update yet” and the timing can’t be a coincidence. Can it?

It was only a few weeks ago that Instagram announced the addition of video to their social / mobile service. I tried it and didn’t like it as much a I like Vine, but why have two apps when you can filter photos and do stop motion animation with just one?

vine update


I’m happy to report that Vine didn’t counter by adding retro photo filters to their app. They’re sticking with what they do best but expanding on ways to share the Vines you make.

The first thing you’ll notice is a grid in the camera screen. They’ve also added a new focus tool and something called a ghost tool which lets you look at the previous frame. These tools make stop-motion animation even easier and that is one of the things Vine does best.

Next, you’ll see 15 new channels including one for cats and one for dogs. My fish is unhappy but that’s life. The added channels mean uploaders have a better chance of being seen because there will be less competition in each category. Vine also added an Explore screen to help you find new Viners to follow.

Once you find a Vine you like, you now have the ability to ReVine that video with a single tap. Sharing is caring – unless you don’t want to spread the love, in which case, Vine has added Protected Accounts.

Other miscellanous updates include:

• Fixed an issue that caused the camera to focus unnecessarily while recording
• Improved cache control and less disk space usage
• Faster search for hashtags and people you mention frequently
• Crash fixes and other miscellaneous improvements

With these simple changes, Vine made their app more user friendly for both Viners and browsers. Time to take the new app for a test drive. Make one of your products dance. Loop the wacky guy in the office making funny faces. Make an animated, candy heart to thank your customers for their patronage. If you come back here and leave your Vine link in the comments I promise to go “ooh and aah.”