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Google is rolling out a new program for AdSense accounts to help them more clearly understand when a policy violation has occurred. The Inside AdSense blog tells us

Going forward, if our system detects a policy violation, you’ll receive both an email and an account notification with a link to view more details. Under the Policy violations section on the home tab, you can quickly access important information including details on each violation, the issue ID and an example of the violation on your site. The page will also include details on the action you need to take to resolve the violation.

So if you see this

Policy Notifications

You’ll need to click through to get this

Policy Notifications 2

Google looks like they are listening to user suggestions (at least they feel that they are) and why wouldn’t they? The better the adherence to Google’s policies the more money both parties make.

Are you in compliance with Google’s AdSense rules and regulations? If you see that nice little red bar across the top of your account you’ll know for sure.

  • machuy

    More policy for AdSense!!! lizards puzzles

  • cynthialil

    Adsense has mad a ton of really visible changes in the last few weeks. Most are very helpful. I like the new messages that alert you to issues and I don’t know if I just missed it before, but I found widget that shows me how each of my sites is doing for the past week or month that I can keep right on the front page of my reports. I like it.