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My mother told me I should never compare myself to other people, but sometimes I can’t help it. When my engagement numbers are off on Facebook, I just like knowing if I’m the only one tanking or if everyone is in the same boat. If I’m only reaching 10% of the fans, that sounds bad until I find out that the average is 10.2% – then I feel a-okay and I can keep plugging away.

Agora Pulse is all about Facebook benchmarking. They’ve been using their Facebook barometer to gauge the average numbers for different kinds of Facebook pages. For example, how does engagement on a huge brand page compare to that of a small, local business?

agorapulse fans vs reach

Very interesting. The big brands are reaching a lower percentage of fans and their engagement is off in spite of the fact that they have more Storytellers (people who share your story in some way.) Co-founder Emeric Ernoult notes in the comments that the difference in engagement could be due to their limited pool of only 5,000 pages. While it’s true that more data will help refine the number, I think it’s correct.

The upside to a small brand page is that it feels personal. When you comment, you feel like you’re talking to a human being. I believe that’s a good thing for engagement. Also, I think people have to be a lot more dedicated to follow a smaller page, so they’re more likely to get involved. For example, I might follow Taco Bell in hopes of getting a coupon but I’m not likely to leave a comment or share their photos. I follow my local theater group because I’m invested in the theater. These are my friends. I want to support them, so I’m going to comment and share.


Now here’s a crazy one. Look at this comparison graph for Facebook Reach:

agorapulse reach

Pro sports team have good reach. I get that. But Vitamins and Supplement pages?! What does that say about the human race? And look, Pet Services have better reach than our Schools.

One more:

agorapulse avg fans

Here we see that people like their Wine as much as their TV. Athletes beat Games and Cars and we’re more interested in Food than News. The big winner is the App Page. That’s because there are 600 players all looking for hook-ups so they can ascend to the next level of FB gaming nirvana. I need to friend two more players before I can buy a cow! Help!

The lesson of the day is this: instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to yourself. If you have more followers and a higher reach percentage than you did three months ago, you’re doing something right. Keep up the great work.