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productivity issuesIt’s the start of a long, holiday weekend. Are you still working? Or more accurately, are you still at work?

According to a poll from Red Bull, 48% of US employees agree that their productivity at work diminishes just before, or immediately following, a holiday or a planned vacation.

I conducted my own unscientific study to verify their results. I surveyed my email inbox and found that 50% of the people who usually email me on a Friday afternoon, didn’t. I can only assume that the lack of email is a direct result of people leaving work early. So yes, Red Bull and I agree.

But a holiday weekend is just one of several things that impact our productivity on a daily basis. 23% of people said they suffer from a lack of energy. 4% said that they were tired after working for only one hour.

An equal number of people said that having too much to do was a problem. 13% said they simply weren’t motivated to get their work done and 10% blamed a lack of proper resources to do their job right.

My favorite group is the 10% who said that utter confusion was the reason for their drop in productivity. Makes sense. Can’t get the work done if you don’t understand what to do.

No matter what happens, 57% of people said their productive diminishes 4-8 hours into the day. And it gets worse for people who have young children at home.

If you live in the south, then congratulations – 22% of the Southerners in this survey said they never have productivity problems. Which means they’re either extremely fit and focused or they’re delusional.

And since this survey was commissioned by Red Bull, the subject of energy drinks came up.

When in Need of a Boost…

  • Four-in-ten (38%) employed U.S. adults ages 25-49 consume at least one energy drink in a typical work week.
  • The average number of energy drinks consumed in a typical workweek is about 4 (3.7) (among those who drink energy drinks) during a typical workweek.
  • Men ages 25-49 are more than twice as likely as women in this age group (20% vs. 9%, respectively) to consume 4+ energy drinks in a workweek.
  • Nearly two-thirds (63%) of employed Americans who consume energy drinks at work start and/or end their day by drinking one.
    • 45% typically start their day by consuming an energy drink.
    • 26% typically end their day by consuming an energy drink.

Should we, as a nation, be worried about those responses?

Red Bull, I appreciate what you’re doing for the world but I’d like to suggest a different route. Instead of popping the top in an hour, why not close up shop and head home. Unwind. Unplug and enjoy the long weekend. You earned it.


  • David Friel

    Its not a bad thought I think a lot of us find it hard in the startup community to stop though! The point is to worry when Red Bull becomes your friend. Were opening a section on Health and Well being for business people, thoughts on what we should include much appreciated. Entrepreneur Handbook

  • Himanshu

    Really Interesting facts. I am with “low on energy”

    Himanshu from

  • I wonder how this compares to 50 years ago, very interesting. I prefer coffee 🙂