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Nielsen Mobile PreviewPlease consider the source here. I feel like I may be one of the few people who doesn’t have a tablet to his name.

I am perfectly content with the functionality of a laptop (although I admittedly am craving Macbook Air) and use a smartphone for real mobility. Toting around an iPad never seemed that mobile to me and I still laugh when I see people taking pictures with their iPads while everyone else has a smartphone. It just strikes me as funny.

So why tell you this? Well, Nielsen has released some findings about mobility and what people do with their tablets v. their smartphones. The verdict? The true mobile device is the smartphone. It’s not that people don’t use their tablets. In fact, they use them A LOT. But they use them mostly at home. Take a look at this infographic of the findings from Nielsen and you’ll see the point.

Nielsen Mobile

So are tablets true mobile devices? Considering where they are used most I would have to say no. What do you think?

  • Except for a minor observation, I’d agree to what you said. “Tablets tend to be used along with watching television, while laptops generally aren’t.”

  • Juli Durante

    I think one consideration is connectivity. Many people don’t want to pay extra for a tablet (and additional data plan) just so they can use it when they don’t have WiFi…maybe BECAUSE they have a smartphone.

    That’s why I got a WiFi-only iPad… If I’m in that much of a pinch, my smart phone (with a legacy unlimited data plan) will do.

  • deanshaw

    Tablets are just laptops that don’t fold in half. To lump them in the same category as Smartphones doesn’t make sense

  • cynthialil

    I do take my iPad with me – sometimes, when I go out to lunch because it’s easier to read than my smartphone. But it’s not small enough to throw in my purse, so I wouldn’t carry it around to help me shop. That’s where the smartphone comes in.

    To me, the iPad is about relaxed mode. I can sit by the TV or in bed and go online to look something up quickly. I’m not likely to get up and go to my computer to find out more about something I just saw in a commercial.

  • I also do not own a tablet,They are fine and work great, but it seems lately i do a lot of searching on my smart phone.and I truly believe this is the way we are heading..just look around while you are out and about you will see, the MAJOR use of smart phones.