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Yes, I’m here with another back-to-school survey. This one is from PriceGrabber and when you boil it down, it’s says the usual – parents are looking online for deals and they really like Facebook. But there’s a box on the accompanying infographic that I’d like to discuss.


Let’s get a few facts straight first. PriceGrabber surveyed 1,937 US online shopping consumers for this report. Important word – online. They didn’t call people without computers to find out how they plan to back-to-school shop, so obviously this report skews high on the e-commerce side.

I’m okay with that because I think the numbers are still good. Here’s why: check out the honest answer in the lower right corner.

Will buyers use their smartphones to shop in 2013?

18% don’t have a smartphone. That number is pretty low which goes to show you how saturated mobile has become. What gets me is the green slice – 36% said no. That’s not far off from the 46% who said yes. And the question wasn’t just about back-to-school, it was about smartphone shopping in general. 36% of people who have phones said they don’t use them to shop.


Brick and mortar owners are worried that the 46% are using their smartphones to “showroom” — window shop locally but buy online for a cheaper price. According to this survey, they have nothing to worry about. Only 17% said they’re using their smartphones in-store.

Check out the top response: a whopping 71% said they’ll be using their smartphones to shop for back-to-school while sitting at home on the couch. (Okay, I added the couch part, but you get the picture.) As many times as I hear it, it makes me laugh. All this money and technology for phones that allow us to travel the world and stay in touch, but most of us are using them inside our own homes.

There’s a marketing twist to that. I’m sure of it, but I can’t figure out what it is.

Getting Social

Talking social media, 42% said it wouldn’t impact their back-to-school shopping decisions at all. That’s an eye-opener.

Of those who will use social media, 85% said they’ll look to Facebook for coupons and deals. YouTube came in second, really, with 23%. Pinterest was a close third with 22%. Twitter better stick to TV because they only got 19% of the vote for back-to-school shopping. 2% of behind the times folks said they’ll be on Myspace looking for deals. Some old habits die hard.

Question: when you use your smartphone to shop, are you usually at home or out and about?

Here’s the full infographic if you want to see it all: