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Just a few minutes ago, I wrote about the companies that exceeded customer expectations online. Now we’re going to drill down and see how people feel about the mobile experience. According to ForeSee, Retail is getting some of the best numbers in mobile, followed closely by Travel, Financial Services and Entertainment.

forsee mobile satisfaction

Good scores, but no one is anywhere near 100%.

Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee says,

“With the fast pace of consumer adoption of smartphones and tablets, companies need to recognize the mobile platform is at least as important as the desktop web environment. These mobile benchmark scores suggest there is much work to be done. Companies see the opportunity and they are trying to move fast, but they must be sure to do things the right way to meet the expectations of customers or risk turning them away to competitors.”

This month, the company zeroed in on the mobile Media and Entertainment sector. Let’s see how our favorite companies fared.

Streaming TV and Movies

When Netflix said they planned to slow down their ground-breaking DVD delivery service in favor of online streaming, people thought the company was doomed. On the contrary, streaming is booming and with a score of 79, Netflix tied HBO Go for second place.

On top? iTunes with a score of 80. With iTunes’ recent dashboard changes, I wouldn’t score them quite so high but they do make it easy to buy my favorite songs and shows. I’ve also become very attached to their podcast delivery system which is totally free. Okay, I’ve changed my mind. iTunes deserves the 80.

Amazon took top honors for online customer service but they come in fourth for their streaming service. Hulu and Crackle land on the bottom with a 75.

The secret to success in this category is high performance. Customers were more concerned about page loads and the lack of errors than the content.


Sports fanatics were a little less satisfied than streaming fans in regard to the mobile experience. Fox Sports was by far the most popular with a score of 79. ESPN, one of the most recognized names in sports coverage landed in a three way tie with Bleacher Report and Sports Illustrated. (77). CBS Sports received a 75 and Yahoo! Sports tanked with a 74.

ForeSee says that ESPN is hurting itself by offering too many choices, so customers are confused.


Fox comes out on top again in the mobile News category with another 79. This time, they share the spotlight with NBC News. Google News, Reuters, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal all tie for second with a 78.

Once again, one of the biggest names in the category tanks – received a low 76. But it was CBS News that landed on the bottom with only 73.

What’s hurting mobile apps in this category is a lack of trust.  Only 20% of those surveyed strongly agree they could trust the content on the news mobile site or app they visited. That hurts.

Other Key Findings

  • Satisfaction matters: Satisfied users of mobile news, sports and streaming TV and movie sites and apps report they are 80% more likely to use the mobile channel as a primary resource, 72% more likely to give positive recommendations, and 58% more likely to use the mobile channel again.
  • How mobile is mobile?: More than half (52%) of those surveyed are accessing news, sports, and streaming mobile sites and apps from home, as opposed to only 9% who do so exclusively on the go.
  • Seeing Stars isn’t Satisfaction: App store ratings for the measured sites do not always match scientifically calculated satisfaction scores.
  • Mobile preferences: 65% of those surveyed reported using a smartphone for their last mobile media and entertainment experience, compared to 35% who did so on a tablet.
  • Apps over Mobile Sites: More survey respondents used mobile sites (66%) than apps (34%), but app users are generally more satisfied (78 vs. 76).

Are you providing your customers with a satisfying mobile experience?



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