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On September 12, YouTube will be retiring the video response option due to lack of interest. According to the YouTube Creator Blog, video responses have a clickthrough rate of .0004% or 4 out of every million users.

video responseThe way I read that, it means that people who watch a video, aren’t interested in seeing another person’s video reply. That doesn’t surprise me at all. The whole concept was always a little wonky. When you create a video reply, the channel owner has to approve it before it shows up on the page so who knows how many of these videos were created and then rejected. If you’re disagreeing with me or trying to steal my spotlight, I’m not going to put that in front of my followers, am I?

This is going to hurt those channel owners who use the tool to collect contest entries. It’s a simple way to keep track of everyone who participated but going forward YouTube suggests you create a hashtag and then use the search engine to tally up the response. Not as effective but I suppose it will work.

Says YouTube:

The team is focused on enabling you to share video links in comments. Doing this in comments will let creators and viewers add more context to a video, and more context should drive more engagement.

In the meantime, you can continue to encourage fans to upload videos with specific titles, hashtags or descriptions (e.g., Video Response To Taylor Swift’s Video “22”), so you can find these by searching for them. If you want to highlight them, you can use playlists and channel sections instead of displaying these videos below yours. Any video responses you or your fans have made will still be available and discoverable.

All well and good, but if people didn’t click the Video Response button, will they click a link in a comment box? Too many people leave spammy or virus links in their comments. . . which I don’t understand because any time I try to add a legitimate link it tells me that’s not allowed.

My feelings about the removal of video responses – no great loss.

On the upside, it looks like YouTube added more social sharing buttons so you can grab those folks that aren’t on Facebook and Twitter.

sharing youtubeBonus points to anyone who recognizes the second to the last icon.

And didn’t there used to be a “More” button with additional options? Well, it’s not there any “more”.

What do you think about the removal of the video response tool? A bad move or no big thing?



  • Thank God – that feature was just a spammer’s dream. There was rarely any value and almost all garbage.

    • Jono

      How so? All video responses had to be approved by the original uploader by default. Therefore, there couldn’t be any spamming because a spam video wouldn’t be approved as a video response.

      • All I know is that a large percentage of the responses to my videos and other people’s that I saw were BS.
        You could see a video on an Excel tutorial with a response of a “how to make money online” video. Not sure what the exact definition is, but that’s spam.

        • Jono

          So? Then you don’t need approve the video as a response to be shown below your video. That option is there so that you can filter out all the spam.

          Look, I’ve watched some vlogs where people give their personal opinions on something and then other people give a response on what they agree/disagree with. That’s the kind of thing where the video responses were actually useful.

        • JaiGuru

          You know little.

      • Latest Hot News

        Really it is very sad.

  • gpete8

    I think it sucks.. The only way to effectively communicate with a channel with a large audience was to make a video response… Now there is no way to differentiate your interaction from the thousands of worthless comments

  • stephanie

    Nooooooo im in the crafting community on youtube and a lot of people including myself have contests and the way we collect contest enries is through the video response feature….. with out it contests will be extremely3amly difficult

  • Amy

    I think its a big loss, honestly videos that I have put up as a video response have gotten at least times the views as videos I have not. I’m not sure how your video gets out there to general public if not with a video response?? People read comments even less than they watched video responses. I think its a huge loss for the underdog and “no big deal” to those who upload videos with vevo or already have a fan base.

  • Matthew


    • presa1200


    • scir91onYouTube

      me! it was a great feature! it created a more social experience on a general video website

  • nenicu

    the video responses are very helpfull, and i see i am not the only one who thinks these way! deffinetely a big loss!! i am with you matthew
    forum galati

  • Agera

    lets flood their feedback demanding it back

    • JaiGuru

      post the link

      • Agera

        it’s on the bottom of the page on youtube when i try to copy the link it redirects as an error

  • sonia

    is the worst change they have made since they even colab w. google! is effecting my channel badly.. all my views and community interaction came from video response. they should really put it back im really upset:( is going to effect a lot of the channels ! im sure it cant only be me.

  • asdf21051225

    They also removed annotations, among other things. YT is becoming more and more worthless now thanks to google. I mean it already was bad with all the removed social features but now they’re starting to remove essential core features of youtube which were there from the very beginning before joogle bought it. They’re favouring the big commercial channels and harass all smaller ones constantly. They want to commercialize the platform 100% and have so far suceeded in doing it.

  • Moses Graves

    This is BS, why did they remove it? It’s a complete lie that users aren’t interested, most video responses are covers or songs. So if they’re related to the video, they will watch them. But most video responses are to music videos because by default *VEVO channels have no need for a video response to be accepted, they are posted immediately.

    • Peter McKennon

      Screw VEVO.

  • Peter McKennon

    You are mad! We used video responses as a means to socialize. Our replies connected us together whereas now we have to LOOK for replies which really stinks. What is wrong with quick and easy? You don’t like convenience I bet. The whole description thing doesn’t work when the click to it doesn’t work. Second thing, I hate twitter. Hashtags are a stupid invention.

  • Angel

    The problem is how google measured it. A low click percentage out of total YouTube clicks, yes, but what about narrowing it to “video’s with responses” clicks only? Once again, Google has shown it’s inability to stay in the feedback loop with it’s customers.

  • Anthony Weaver

    Youtube wants me to use Video links what a pile of fucking crap that pisses me off cause if it allowed me to post any link I want to without saying OH YOUR A SPAMMER FUCK YOU ASSWHIP then it would be alright but it doesn’t no rather then doing this people who post virus links get to do it cause there spam bots but even though I’m a human I can’t why not?

  • Nana

    Youtube wants you to post video links in the comments?
    How stupid is that? Comments are swept away like the river, never to be seen again.

  • JaiGuru

    How much you want to bet more of these features get removed and then reintegrated as a part of forcing you to handle EVERY interaction with youtube via your google+ account? They wont be happy until we have government mandated IDs tattood on our eyeballs to be scanned for every comment so they can collect all our relevant data. It’s time for a new Youtube.

  • Emerald Emissary

    The only problem with it was that the default upload setting could not changed to allow responses without approval, thus people didn’t bother with it too much. The whole fault is on youtube’s side! Those statistics are pretty asinine. I used video responses, and encountered them quite a bit. They are better then links, and stay up even if there are 1000 comments. Youtube’s explanation is bullshit, they and Google want everyone using facebook and their real names to end internet anonymity. They want to focus more on that.

  • critofur

    It absolutely sucks. Enough to make me want to stop using Youtube.

  • Filicia Picken Beauchesne
  • spyro20


  • scir91onYouTube

    video responses were very good. they helped create a more-cohesive community for sharing and learning with each other. it was a fantastic feature. all it did was link one video to another. it’s not like they had to do extra work. they disabled a feature. makes no sense. it’s like going backwards. a downgrade.

  • Jake

    it was a great way to put a video that showed a different version or something similar to the original video like for example someone uploaded live footage of a certain song done live and i covered it put it in the video responses i was getting quite a few views and positive feedback now since the feature was taken down i get a view once a day pretty lame

  • Tyrone

    Not to mention that there’s a completely overlooked part to this: many Deaf people are now denied the opportunity to respond to ASL videos using ASL. This limits their choice of expression, whether via English or ASL. And we’re well aware that taking away this option limits hearing people, too. Don’t forget us, we’re certainly not forgetting you.

  • fbxb

    The second to last button is Vkontakt, the facebook of russia.

  • lsbrew

    My experience with the video response was very positive. I have over a hundred video uploaded. most have about 1000 – 2000 views. I placed links to 2 of the videos as “video responses” and those quickly climbed to over 25,000 views. after the video response was removed those views counts remained around 25,000. Yes, I was basking in the reflected glory of another poster, but it was with his full permission, and my videos have almost no thumbs down votes. Sorry to see this feature eliminated.