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facebook-icon 1Facebook continues to turn into a big boy business right before our very eyes as the social media giant hires its first CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).

AdAge reported on Friday

Facebook has tapped a seasoned technology marketing executive most recently with Google to be its first-ever CMO.

Gary Briggs, who’d previously been chief marketer at Motorola Mobility upon Google closing its acquisition of the hardware maker in May 2012, is taking on the role of CMO. He officially replaces Eric Antonow, VP-product marketing, who’s overseen the company’s marketing efforts since 2010.

Facebook is not a marketing giant by any stretch. It’s growth has been organic and has as much to do with the rise of the social Internet as it does anything else. Marketing, in a traditional sense, has not been necessary.

So why now? What is it that is now being looked at to help Facebook get to the next level?

The change in title reflects an expanded scope for the role. Mr. Briggs’s duties are to lead branding and marketing efforts for all Facebook constituencies of users, developers and potential consumers of new products like Facebook Home. He’ll oversee the Facebook teams responsible for product marketing, platform marketing and events, communication design, brand marketing and content strategy.

Based on that description it’s not likely Facebook will be doing a ton of TV ads any time soon. They have done some but do you remember them? Do you remember them running for any real period of time? Why should they even consider them? It’s Facebook and until there is a real competitor (read: that won’t be any time soon, that’s for sure) marketing to developers and those that build out the Facebook ecosystem will take precedence.

So what do you think the CMO of Facebook should concentrate on?