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facebook reservationsFacebook slipped in an iOS mobile update today that. . . while not huge. . . has a couple of interesting perks.

First, it’s Dinner and a Show.

Now, when you visit the Facebook Page for a restaurant that uses OpenTable, you can make your reservation right on the page. No need to clickthrough to another app or site.

Sounds like Facebook is hoping to lure over the waning Foursquare crowd. Me? I’d never think to look up a restaurant on Facebook but if you like to do that, then this upgrade will make your Saturday night.

Facebook says that OpenTable works with more than 20,000 restaurants in North America, but when I tried to find an example for this post, I couldn’t find one. I even tried searching the restaurant Facebook uses in their sample image and it wasn’t there. Could it be because I checked on an iPad and not my iPhone?

facebook tvIf you’re looking for some entertainment, Facebook just added TV and movie times to show pages.

Listings will be based on your current time zone and include the channel name, air time and a description of the show or movie playing, meaning that the listings that exist in cable box guides, magazines and newspapers are now conveniently located on the Facebook Pages of peoples’ favorite shows.

Again, as much as I love TV, I wouldn’t think to check Facebook to see what time my show is on, so they’re really trying to instill some new behaviors in folks.

Nitpick: couldn’t they come up with a better show for the sample image?


The biggest piece of the upgrade is the deeper integration of hashtags. Now you can search for hashtags on mobile and you can tap them in posts to see who else used the same tag.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. When I skim my personal newsfeed, I don’t see a single hashtag but when I look at the feed for a teen brand I work with, I see tons of them.

The result of my very unscientific survey is this: if you’re trying to reach people under 30, use hashtags galore. For customers over thirty, don’t bother.

Agree? Disagree?

And for the sake of completeness, the new Facebook iOS update includes faster loading and cleaner timeline design on the iPad. Also, if you were bothered by red notification badges when you didn’t have any new notifications, they fixed that, too.

That’s it. Not terribly exciting but now you’re up-to-date.