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Get the Pavlov Poke to Keep Your Online Habits in Check

OK, while this is more of a joke than anything else, it does make one wonder, “What if I did need a little nudge (or in this case, electrical shock) to not waste countless hours on mindless online activities?”

Two MIT PhD’s put together a little device (whether it actually does what it is showing is a good question but let’s not quibble) that can help ‘shock’ back to their senses when killing too much valuable time on activities that can be, well, a complete time suck.

They even went so far as to put a video together. Clever.

OK, it’s a joke as far as I can tell (although it is being reported on as a real device, I can’t confirm that since I have not been shocked myself) but it makes you think.

Hey, it’s Monday morning. We’ll keep it light for now. Wouldn’t want to be too shocking too early in the work week.