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With the pace of growth in the mobile ad space, it is likely that whoever dominates that space will dominate the digital space overall.

eMarketer has done some research taking a look at the mobile Internet and overall digital space and which companies are in control.

It is probably not much of a surprise to learn that Google is the true 800 (or is it 900?) lb. gorilla in the market. Based on the findings, most other companies, aside from Facebook and Amazon to some degree, are looking like their growth is going to be hard to come by.

First, here is a look at the mobile Internet ad market share.

Net Mobile Internet Ad Rev Share By Company

The competition is starting to look like the same game as search. Google with the big lead and the others trailing and fighting a large group for whatever Google happens to miss.

When you step back further and look at the entire digital ad revenue pie, Google is still dominant.

Net Digital Ad Revenue Share

So what’s the point? It’s pretty easy to see. When you are looking to reach the digital space you are going to need to give a good portion of your money to Google. It’s like it’s the law of the Internet. There is no avoiding it.

So when you are making your budgets for next year just keep the amount of your check to Google blank. Just expect the final number to be a pretty healthy percentage of your pay out. It’s just the way it is.