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simpsons angel devilI have two hours to spare before my meeting. I should spend it going over the presentation and double checking the numbers. Or, I could try that new sushi place . . . oh look! An ad for an Old Navy sale just popped up in front of me. I’m going shopping. Now, if only Google Glass could check the math on my presentation for me. . . .

Even though 98% of the people reading this post don’t have Google Glass, I’m still going to tell you about the latest updates. Why? Because it’s the road we’re all heading down eventually and a lot of it is pretty cool.

Google Now Cards

Google Now cards are like slides that remind us about  things we need to do or suggest things we might want to do. They also contain helpful information.

With this new update, Google Glass will remind you about your dinner reservations and tell you when you’re running late for the theater. It will also give your your hotel reservations, literally at a glance, which is great when your hands are already full with luggage and coffee.

I think those are all great ideas. It’s like having an angel admin on your shoulder gently reminding you of important commitments.

On the more frivolous side, you can also see movie times appear right before your eyes. Perfect for satisfying those sudden action film cravings.

The update also features the ability to show emergency and weather alerts. Those could be real life savers (and no, I’m not being sarcastic.) Also traffic conditions and the ultra essential sports scores. (Now I’m being sarcastic.)

To really add to the virtual assistant on your shoulder feeling, you can now use voice commands to leave notes on Evernote and post to social sharing network Path. Google has labeled this feature #canttouchthis. More voice command options are on the way.

Which fits in nicely with the new ability to add hashtags to photos:

Tag your shared pictures and videos with trending topics by adding a hashtag to them. When adding a caption, say hashtag and then the topic at hand. For instance, adding a caption like “hashtag cute” becomes “#cute.” It’s worthwhile noting that all captions through Glass are also tagged with “#throughglass” automatically.

hashtags on glass

As a person who has worn glasses since I was a kid, I’m not sold on the idea of walking around with a computer display in front of my face. However, I do think that Google Glass has the potential to change lives. ABC News has an inspiring story about how the device is helping a quadriplegic woman get her life back. Now that’s technology put to good use.