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Google Goes Down and the Internet Soils Itself

Google Outage Dashboard

If you ever want evidence of just how critical Google as a whole is to the entire Internet just take a look at the fallout from the brief outage the Internet giant had around 3:55 pm PT last Friday.

cnet reported

For a very brief few minutes on Friday you may have noticed some Google services, most notably search, appeared to be down. If not, maybe you noticed the ensuing freak-out across Twitter and the rest of the Internet.

At first glance the flash outage was little more than an opportunity for a few good one-liners and a chance to actually stand up from the keyboard and walk around for a few minutes.

As it turns out though, Google’s downtime did appear to have global, measurable repercussions, according to analytics firm GoSquared, which estimates that it caused a 40 percent drop in global traffic during a five-minute window.

Forty percent? That’s a very serious number. Having this kind of hiccup may actually serve Google well as it shows just how vital the Google ‘ecosystem’ (yuck, did I just use that word?) is to the Internet as a whole.

Did you survive the great ‘blackout’ of 2013? Will you always remember where you were when ‘The Goog’ went down for a while 5 minutes or so? Or did you miss it entirely and now that you know the ‘extent’ of the outage it doesn’t seem like such a horrible thing? Maybe this tweet says it all (or something).

  • cynthialil

    So glad to hear this. I thought it was me. ;)

  • Ian B

    And then yesterday, Amazon went down for about half an hour. Again with the collective freakout. Personally, I was more affected by the Amazon outage than the Google one.

    • Arvind

      You use Amazon more than Google? I don’t know if you’re a retailer on Amazon, or just someone with a shopping addiction! :)