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Infographic: Major League Baseball’s Top Social Media Performers

10 Most Engaged MLB FanbasesOf the big four sports in the US (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL) most people would likely say that baseball would be the least likely to be using social media in an effective manner.

Turns out those naysayers would be wrong. As we approach the stretch run of the regular season the folks at TicketCity put together a neat infographic that shows the top social media franchises in Major League Baseball and some of their vital statistics.

Does this information tell us anything of value as marketers? One thing could be that we should never make assumptions as to how a group will use social media. Sure baseball is a slower paced and more cerebral game to watch but that doesn’t mean that social media can’t be used to intensify fan experience and drive more engagement with the sport.

Take a look at the infographic. Is your favorite team making it in the big leagues or should they be sent down to the minors?