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Email is one of the most effective tools for driving traffic to your online store, but if you’re not optimized for mobile, you’re probably missing out on sales.

Constant Contact asked 1,497 consumers about their experiences with marketing emails and mobile. The results, which they published today, are very clear.

80% of smartphone owners say it is “extremely important” to be able to read emails on their mobile devices. 

And how about this:


constant contact email

Wow, that woman is angry.

I hope your customers don’t get that upset but you still want to keep them from tapping that delete button right away. The survey found that 79% of consumers are highly likely to preview an email on their smartphone then open it again when they get to their desktop computer.

This is a behavior that I run through every morning. I find it very helpful to skim all of my email on my iPad before I get to work. I delete about a quarter of the messages right away. Some of these are spam messages and notifications that don’t require any further action on my part. But many messages are branded emails that get one shot at my attention. If I see something I like, I’ll leave it and move on. If nothing catches my eye, it’s deleted before it hits my Outlook box.

If an email really grabs me, I’ll click the link along with 49% of the people in this survey.

Jim Garretson of Constant Contact says short and to the point works best for today’s marketing emails. Consumers aren’t going to scroll twice to see a list of six offers. Pick one or two and then get them with a solid call-to-action. More than that and you’ve lost them.

The most surprising fact to come out of this report is that age doesn’t matter.

  • 88% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 30 open email on a mobile device, and over half say their smartphone has become the primary device on which they open emails.
  • 85% of consumers ages 30 to 39 open emails on their mobile device; with almost half (48%) saying it’s their primary device to do so.
  • 74% of consumers ages 40 to 49 read emails on mobile devices, with 35% claiming it as their primary reading device.
  • 71% of consumers ages 50 and 59 read emails on mobile devices and 26% say it’s their primary reading device.

In other words, it doesn’t matter who your customer is, your email marketing messages have to be optimized for mobile phones.

Do that and your customers will look like this:

constant contact email 2

Much better.

You can read the full report at Constant Contact.

  • Sarah Bauer

    I like Jim Garretson’s suggestions for optimizing email messages for mobile, but I wonder what he’d say about including images / logos? Visual elements definitely make an impact, but do we have to skimp out for mobile?

  • Jack Bobeck

    Fairly soon we will dump email for video or have our smartphone read us our email. We want to be entertained, remember the average video message is 90 seconds so you need to keep emails and video under that number, to keep the audience’s attention.