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In the Internet industry we tend to get a bit myopic and forget that while the online space is where the growth is, traditional media formats, particularly TV, is still the dominant form of media intake by consumers.

Until the real ‘year of mobile’ (whenever that was) this was a safe assumption. Research released by eMarketer reveals that as mobile becomes more prevalent it is pushing online time past that of TV time. Here is the data.

Average Time Per Day Spent on Media Types

The interesting thing is that while the online time has increased substantially, with mobile being the single most important factor in that change by far, actual TV time has not changed much and is still up a bit from 2010 levels.

So what’s this saying to marketers? People are looking to keep themselves occupied that’s what! With the growth of the mobile device more and more people are looking to be more and more connected at all times. Is this healthy? That’s probably a debate for another day. What it means is that marketers need to up their game considerably in order to get the attention of an increasingly distracted prospect.

The eMarketer research breaks this down a little further by showing how much time people spend on mobile devices with non-voice activities.

Average Time for Non-Voice Activities

None of this should surprise anyone really. What it should do is further push marketers to expand their horizons and take the mobile space as seriously as any other media channel. The reason for that is simple: the people are there.

What are you doing to transition more and more of your marketing efforts to the mobile space? How is is impacting your marketing efforts as a whole?

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