Infographic: Major League Baseball’s Top Social Media Performers

10 Most Engaged MLB FanbasesOf the big four sports in the US (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL) most people would likely say that baseball would be the least likely to be using social media in an effective manner.

Turns out those naysayers would be wrong. As we approach the stretch run of the regular season the folks at TicketCity put together a neat infographic that shows the top social media franchises in Major League Baseball and some of their vital statistics.

Does this information tell us anything of value as marketers? One thing could be that we should never make assumptions as to how a group will use social media. Sure baseball is a slower paced and more cerebral game to watch but that doesn’t mean that social media can’t be used to intensify fan experience and drive more engagement with the sport.

Take a look at the infographic. Is your favorite team making it in the big leagues or should they be sent down to the minors?

Facebook Removes App Requirement for Promotions: Let the Giveaways Begin!

new promoFacebook made a small announcement today that is actually a huge, positive change for any business with a Facebook Page. They removed the partner app requirement for running a promotion (aka contest or giveaway) on your page.

If that statement confuses you, I’m not surprised. I’ve worked on social media campaigns with dozens of businesses over the years and they all assumed you could just post a contest on Facebook if you wanted to. Sorry no. In order to keep the place from becoming a spammy, free-for-all, you had to use a third party such as ShortStack or Woobox to run a promo. And, unless you were a very small business, you had to pay a monthly fee for the privileged.

Fuisz Media Brings Clickable Products and Faces to YouTube

fuiszmediaWhen I was first learning web design, I was fascinated by the concept of an image map – one large picture that links to different webpages depending where you click.

Now imagine doing that with a video. Fuisz does it with their patented annotated pixel technology and now they’ve partnered with ZEFR to bring that technology to YouTube.

When you watch an annotated video, you can click on different portions to get more information or buy a product. Love the lipstick – click on Eva’s lips. Want your eyelashes to look like hers – click her eyes.

The technology can also do that one thing I’m always asking for – lead me to more information about an actor! Click the face and get the actor’s IMDB listing.

Google Names Digital Capitals of Each State

ecitiesGoogle has identified what they believe to be the digital capitals of each state. Why? So we can argue over their choices, of course.

The Official Google Blog tells us

Given the importance of the web in growing our local businesses and our local economies, we worked with independent research firm IPSOS to analyze the online strength of local businesses in cities and towns across America. Businesses in these communities are embracing the power of the web to find new customers, connect with existing ones and fuel their local economies.

So did your town make the list? Why should it be there instead of the one that ‘represents’ your state?

eCities Listed 2013

Here in North Carolina I would not disagree with the choice of Cary. I bet some in Boston might take offense to not getting the nod in Massachusetts. How about Carlsbad, CA? What’s the matter San Fran? Losing your edge?

Go ahead and give us your choice and why.

B2B’s Love Social Media But Can’t Get Too Specific As to Why

Call it a gut feeling that B2B marketers feel strongly that social media is good for their business. Why a gut feeling? Well, according to a report published by eMarketer (available for their subscribers only) there is plenty of ‘feel good’ around the social marketing channel but B2B marketers are still having a rough go directly attributing social to critical business metrics.

In an article eMarketer says

B2B marketers know intuitively and anecdotally that social media brings them good leads. But when it comes to proving that social marketing shortens the sales cycle and delivers revenue, things get hazy. According to a new eMarketer report, “B2B Social Media Lead Generation: Best Practices for 2013,” B2Bs still haven’t found a proven formula for exactly how social helps close a sale.

Facebook Pulls Physical Gifts From Gifting Program: Guess Why

choose a giftFacebook has learned an interesting lesson: people don’t like to buy physical things for people in their virtual network.

A year ago, they opened the Facebook Gift Shop where you could purchase actual items to send to your online friends. Birthday reminders came with a small push to gift but in the end less than 20% of users took advantage of the service.

People did use the gifting service to send digital gift cards to friends so Facebook is going to continue that part of the service.

The whole concept was an interesting experiment but this screengrab includes a clue to the future of the service.  Digital gifts are listed under the heading “Instant Gratification” and that pretty much says it all.

Two in Ten Online Video Viewers Suffer From SADD – Streaming Attention Deficit Disorder

mfXjziuI spend the end of every day in front of the TV. I have a long list of live shows to watch and even more stacked up on the DVR, so there’s never a shortage of entertainment. Still, I often ignore the scheduled fare in favor of channel surfing for no real reason.

A few nights ago, I engaged in a different, but similar behavior – channel surfing through online videos on my iPad. Harris Interactive calls this “Streamrollin'” and I like that term so much I’m going to use it every chance I get.

Harris surveyed a few thousand adults who watch online videos and 20% admitted that they have a problem. Like me, they suffer from SADD – Streaming Attention Deficit Disorder.