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If content is king, then context is queen — I’d like to take credit for that line but it came from Flurry and their recent report on The Who, What and When of iPhone and iPad Usage.

What I love about this report is that it breaks down mobile users into personas to see if they favor the on-the-go iPhone or the laid-back-at-home iPad. Check out the results:


The yellow lines are the iPad users, the green the iPhone lovers. There’s some crossover because some people belong in more than one category – mom could also be a Bookworm and a small business owner.

It tickles me that Pet Owners are big iPad lovers. Maybe it relates to the fact that if you’re devoted to your pets, you spend a lot of time at home with them. Small Business Owners are also big on the iPad probably because they use it for a variety of business purposes such as payroll and invoicing, To Do lists and social media.

What surprises me is that TV lovers skew toward the iPhone. If you’re watching TV online, a tablet is better for viewing and it’s easier to use apps such as GetGlue and Viggle on the larger screen as well.

I’m also surprised that Tech and Gadget lovers don’t fall closer to the middle. They’re much more iPhone friendly than iPad friendly.

On the heavy iPhone side we have value shoppers, singles, new moms and hip urban lifestylers. These people are always on the go and those new moms need to squeeze in as much doing as they can in a day, so the iPhone is a lifesaver.

In the middle of the road we have bookworms, concert goers and hardcore gamers.

If you’re marketing specifically to one of these groups, then you should give this chart some extra thought. If you sell pet food, then I’d invest in an iPad app for pet owners like an app that tracks pet medical records or turns pet photos into fancy works of art.

After the new moms? Look into running smartphone ads. Keep them clear and to the point. Tell mom how you can make her life easier and she’ll be your customer for life.

For more information about mobile usage by time and activity, visit the Flurry blog and tell them Marketing Pilgrim sent you.