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BIA/Kelsey has released another Local Commerce Monitor report about SMB’s and their use of various pieces of the online marketing mosaic.

The findings are in the image below.

BIA Kelsey Local July 2013

The question I have is this. Why is Google+ still getting so little attention? I suspect SMB’s aren’t getting the message because it is becoming more and more well known that having a strong Google+ profile will help with search.

Of course, there are only 52% of SMB’s that have a Facebook Page as well, which seems much lower than other reports we have seen in the recent past.

Despite those numbers, 2/3 of those polled say they are either extremely or very engaged with customers on social media. Is Twitter the secret sauce for SMB’s?

At any rate the SMB continues to be an elusive target with regard to them truly getting involved in the online space. Why? I say it’s cash. Not enough resources to hire and not enough to pay for a service. Yet talk to many small Internet marketing consultants and they say they can’t take any more business? Honestly, it all starts to sound like BS real quickly.

Your thoughts?

  • Brian Klais

    Great question… SMBs have limited cash and time, these get invested in big social players Facebook, Twitter (I’d add Yelp and Foursquare for F&B space). The G+ payoff just hasn’t been big enough to matter. But that’ll change now that G+ reviews will soon be integrated into Google Maps. This will directly influence each SMB’s visibility and discovery cost. I think then we’ll see a big push by SMBs to start driving customers into G+ to post reviews, etc., via instore QR, web, app and more. -Brian

  • When Google Maps / Places / Reviews is better integrated with each other and websites in general SMBs will come up to par. I wrote a book over a year ago targeted to SMBs to help them with Google+ and (outside of book sales) I see that this size business is still struggling as a whole with online marketing and brand development. In reality, SMBs need to focus on doing whatever it is that makes them money and pays the bills, not learn how to become savvy marketers (online or offline). I really wish there was a better – cost effective – solution for them.

  • makig

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  • cynthialil

    I don’t know why, but I’m still struggling with Google+ myself. I’m sure it would help promote my work but I can’t get a feel for it. I’ve gone in and out a half dozen times and it’s not clicking.

  • 902 million G+ users as of today 🙂

  • Mike Coday

    While both platforms have evolved, the roots of Twitter and Facebook are both grounded in pre-existing relationships.

    Twitter developed from a peer-to-peer short messaging platform and Facebook evolved around networks.

    There is a community aspect that cannot be ignored. Google connects the world, but Facebook connects my friends.

    The social framework and first-mover advantage have been tough for G+ to overcome despite all the technological bells & whistles (not everybody on the planet is concerned with increasing their search rankings.)

    Any growth in SMB adoption will be subject to a similar growth in engagement by their target market.