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twitter logoAn exclusive report from Variety says that Google has lost a top advertising executive to Twitter. Oh, how the times have changed when we can say that we are getting our Internet marketing news from the likes of Variety!

The article says

Looking to win more Hollywood followers, Twitter has hired Jennifer Prince, formerly Google’s head of media and entertainment ad sales, to pitch new ways movie and TV marketers can use the social giant’s platform.

Prince will lead Twitter’s entertainment sales, based in Santa Monica. Exec officially starts Aug. 19 and reports to Robert Pietsch, director of West Coast sales.

Considering the nature of Twitter and the following that many TV shows and the like develop in today’s media landscape, it makes perfect sense to concentrate on this potentially lucrative vertical. Extended content options exist for many shows these days and just the chatter via Twitter that happens during episodes of many shows is enough to make any advertiser stand up and give serious consideration to getting in front of these very targeted audiences.

The following two quotes from Prince give some insight as to how she plans to hit the ground running. Ad sales specialists in the entertainment vertical may want to get their resumes ready. This should be an interesting play by Twitter.

“All entertainment brands are working with Twitter, but they’re just scratching the surface,” Prince said. Over the next few months, she plans to hire a sales team to widen Twitter’s coverage of movies and TV and possibly expand into the videogame biz.

“In my first two weeks, I’m going to meet with key entertainment brands to find out what exactly what they’re doing with Twitter today and where they want to go,” Prince said.

As a brand it’s easy to get excited about this kind of offering. As for those who will be receiving the ads? That will depend on how intrusive they are and how much they interfere with the ‘experience’ of the social aspects of their interaction with a show, movie, video game or whatever the entertainment ‘venue’ may be.

According to Twitter, however, there are no plans to go beyond their usual ad offerings.

Twitter maintains it has no designs on becoming a media platform and isn’t seeking content-licensing deals. “This is not a content play,” a company rep said.

Now that Twitter is showing that verticals are being targeted which one would you see as the next logical option. My money is on the sports world. How about you?

  • cynthialil

    I think this is really smart. Twitter and TV bonded about a year ago, so why not go with the flow. They’re out to make Twitter and TV like chocolate and peanut butter.