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Twitter is changing. Not only has the company hired a new Head of Commerce to help sell stuff, but it has taken steps to make the service more ‘available’ to, gulp, regular people.

TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino puts it like this.

Twitter just flipped the format of its timeline with a new conversation view. The full timeline will still show in the traditional ‘newest stuff at the top’ view, but now there are linked conversations which display tweets in an easier-to-understand format.

At first glance, this might seem like a simple update that links related tweets together with a thin blue line and a fancy expandable box. But the reasons for this go deeper than just making it easier to read. It’s also making it feel more human and less Twitter.

The new view is rolling out on, as well as in the iPhone and Android apps and features an ‘old’ tweet first, with newer replies to it in order afterwards.

OK, so maybe that doesn’t make it real clear yet. Watch this video.

Got it? Ok well here’s a picture for you.

Twitter Blue Line Conversation Follower

Got it? Basically Twitter is now laying out conversations the way regular folks would get it. You can read the conversation starter then follow the conversation in the time that it actually took place. In other words, you are not always seeing the latest comment in a conversation without getting context easily.

It does make sense. Will today’s users like it? Will they complain? Will it turn into a Facebook like response which puts all current users at odds with a change only to eventually give in because complaining is useless?

What’s your take?