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mfXjziuI spend the end of every day in front of the TV. I have a long list of live shows to watch and even more stacked up on the DVR, so there’s never a shortage of entertainment. Still, I often ignore the scheduled fare in favor of channel surfing for no real reason.

A few nights ago, I engaged in a different, but similar behavior – channel surfing through online videos on my iPad. Harris Interactive calls this “Streamrollin'” and I like that term so much I’m going to use it every chance I get.

Harris surveyed a few thousand adults who watch online videos and 20% admitted that they have a problem. Like me, they suffer from SADD – Streaming Attention Deficit Disorder.

Instead of watching an online video from beginning to end, they give up part way and move on hoping to find something more exciting with the next click. . . and then the next click and then the next.

Half of subscription streamers (those who watch Netflix, Hulu, etc.) either “dip their foot in” or give up at the quarterstream. 11% were known to give up a stream after the halfway point. One-third of those surveyed believed in committing themselves fully to any video they started. They refer to this as “full stream ahead.”

Party On, Party Off

Now, I don’t know why the Harris Poll people did this, but they created a chart showing the viewing habits of political opponents. What they found was that Republicans were more likely to give up on a streaming video before the halfway mark while Democrats were more likely to engage in “full stream ahead” behaviors.

Republicans are also significantly more likely to agree that they are picky about what they watch through a subscription streaming service (80% Republicans, 63% Democrats) and slightly more likely to agree that when streaming through such a service, a video needs to wow them quick or they’ll find something else (65% Republicans, 53% Democrats).

In other words, Republicans are choosey and SADD with commitment issues.

I’m not making a judgement, I’m just reporting the news. Take it up with Harris.

Age of Enlightenment

Looking at demographics by age,

  • Echo Boomers (18-35) are most likely to watch streaming video through a service such as Netflix.
  • Echo Boomers are also more likely to rent or buy streaming videos but Gen Xers come in a close second.
  • Gen Xers (36-47) and Baby Boomers (48-66) are more likely to buy a magazine in a store.

What magazines have to do with it, I do not know. I think they were trying to correlate skimming magazines with skimming streaming videos but they lost me on that one.

Time to face the truth, dear reader. Do you suffer from SADD or are you fully committed to “full stream ahead”?


  • Trout19

    Hey Cynthia – Enjoyed reading your article – I get your sense of humor and your writing style is a refreshing break from the usual dry articles I have to force myself to read. You know…”After 8 months of exhaustive research, Company A announces that they believe video may be beneficial”, etc. I’m going to bookmark this:-)