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It’s Friday, which is the perfect time to talk movies. Have you seen any of this summer’s blockbusters? Are there films on your list that you’re still hoping to see before they head to DVD? And more importantly, have you been sharing your movie dreams online?

If, like me, you live in California – then you probably went to the movies but you probably didn’t talk about. If you live in Wyoming, that’s a whole ‘nother story.

According to Share This, folks in the coastal states (the blue ones) tend to watch more movies, but it’s the folks in the central states that talk about movies online.

states that shareAction / Adventure and Sci-Fi movies were the most shared with 2.6x the shares per film as any other category. The most popular film was Iron Man 3. People began sharing blog posts, pics and video trailers a full 40 days before the release and they kept on talking until two weeks after the premiere. Kudos to the PR team that helped initiate that buzz.

Facebook may be the king of social networking but when it comes to movie talk, Twitter reigns supreme. According to Share This 46% of movie conversations happened outside of Facebook. In addition to Twitter, movie fans also like to share by email and Reddit.

In “yeah, that makes sense” news, people who shared movie-related content were 6 times more like to buy movie tickets.

ticket buying

Family oriented and animated films had the biggest lift but Sci-Fi fans also liked to talk then buy.

Sharing Time

Most sharing happens just before the release but moviegoers, unlike the average social media maven, tend to post between noon and 3pm. For the average poster, that spike happens between 7 and 10 in the evening. I say it’s because movie goers are busy watching TV at night, so they post during the day while they’re bored at work.

How do you fit into this picture? Are you a frequent movie-goers or frequent movie-sharer? Why not give your favorite film a boost this week by talking about it online. Write a review, share an article or a photo. Doesn’t have to be a new movie. Share your old movie love, too.

Me? I’ve got Sunset Boulevard on the DVR and I hear Jaws 3 is playing on Encore. That’s me, all over the place.

See you at the movies!



  • I can’t help but be amazed that such few states actually take keen interest in movies. An Asian would assume that Hollywood would attract people from all over the states but this is quite some news. Though it’s nice to see that people still prefer going to a movie with family. Very touching <3