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YelpConfession time.

I don’t use Yelp. The main reason for this is that I am woefully uncool. It hurts to admit it, but there, it’s out in the open. (Of course those who actually know me are not falling out of their chairs with this ‘revelation’. They are just most likely scratching their heads at why I am admitting this in a post and chalking it up to ‘being Frank’). At any rate, I share that with you to frame the announcement by Yelp that users can now write posts directly in the mobile apps rather than waiting to get back to the desktop.

Since I am not a Yelp user I found this hard to believe that the review site to end all review sites hasn’t allowed their Yelpers to post reviews in their mobile app until the second half of 2013. When I read it on TechCrunch my response was “Really? That’s pretty pathetic that this is only happening now.” The TC article tells us some more with

It’s been a long time coming, but user-generated local reviews site Yelp is finally getting with the program: today it is rolling out the ability for users to write reviews directly in its mobile app, starting first with iOS and coming soon to Android (no word on when the feature will be added to its BlackBerry or Windows apps). Although reviews were turned on briefly for “Elite” power-users to help with final testing, Yelp tells me that today it is rolling out the feature to everyone, in all 22 countries where it is currently active.

The new button for reviews will appear where currently users can click to leave a “tip” — tips are basically notes that they would have had to complete when at a desktop or laptop computer. Now, users will still be able to make drafts, but they will also be able to post or edit right from their mobile devices.

Still wondering why this wasn’t implemented until this rather late stage in the game? Apparently this is not an easy decision for Yelp to make as they want to exercise as much control as possible over the site and the reviews that appear there.

Yelp isn’t giving over all control to users right away, though. “In order to ensure that these reviews are high-quality and useful, we may post any reviews that are too short as a ‘tip’ as we experiment with rolling out this feature. Users can always go back and add in more detail later and it can be turned into a review,” the company notes.

Since I don’t really understand the whole Yelp ecosystem I will not try to delve any further into the finer points of this seemingly obvious ‘move’ by Yelp. I’ll just know now that when I don’t review a restaurant on Yelp I can now not review it on the Yelp app as soon as I don’t feel the urge to review it.

That’s cool, right?

  • Eve Montgomery

    I still like the DinnerWire App best for mobile restaurant reviews.

  • cynthialil

    I’m stunned, too. Seems like the best time to collect a review is while the person is at the place experiencing good or bad service. Welcome to 2013, Yelp.

  • I wonder if this update will make it easier for the spammers to post fake reviews on yelp.