Hulu CEO Rethinks the Concept of Ads on Paid Subscriptions

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What do Netflix and Amazon Prime have in common? Besides being two of the most popular movie and TV streaming services, they don’t put ads on their shows.

Hulu looks a lot like Netflix. They have loads of new and classic TV shows and movies that you can stream right now, on your computer, your tablet or phone. But with Hulu, you get commercials. Lots and lots and lots of commercials. Three 30-second spots per half hour – which doesn’t sound so bad when you read it but it’s bad when you’ve watched the same ad three times in forty minutes.

But hey, it’s free so they have to pay for the shows somehow, right?

Apple Knocks Coca-Cola Out of the Top Spot for Best Global Brand

After thirteen years as the #1 Best Global Brand, Coca-Cola has been dethroned by not one, but two technology companies.

This year, Interbrand put Apple in the number one spot with Google as number two.

They came up with those placements by evaluating three key areas:

  • The financial performance of the branded products or service
  • The role the brand plays in influencing consumer choice
  • The strength the brand has to command a premium price, or secure earnings for the company

best global top two


Apple first hit the charts in 2000, coming in with a  brand value of USD $6.6 billion. Now they’re at $98.3 billion which could easily be described as a “meteoric rise.” Interbrand says it’s Apple’s ability to anticipate and act on consumer needs that pushed them higher than ever before.

IAB Reports Bright Future for Mobile Advertising But Challenges Remain

Mobile advertising is well on its way to being an automatic part of the marketing conversation for most companies. The evidence of how many people have devices and are somewhat married to them is enough to make any marketer giddy with wireless excitement.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in conjunction with Ovum released their report ‘Marketer Perceptions of Mobile Advertising – 2013‘ last week and the future looks strong for mobile although significants challenges are in play.

Let’s look at the challenges first.

IAB Key Challenges for Mobile Advertising

No real surprises here but most of the subjects mentioned in this chart pose significant hurdles for the mobile advertiser.

As marketers tend to do though, they will persevere and are quite bullish on the mobile play moving forward. The following charts address budget, objectives and satisfaction with their mobile experience currently.

Budgets are increasing significantly percentage wise, with close to 75% of respondents seeing an increase in mobile spending.

Communication Breakdown. Students v. Email

emailStudents don’t like email. It’s boring. It’s too slow. This is a subject that crops up from time to time but as marketers it is something that we need to be acutely aware of because whether you are trying to communicate with a student as your target market or working with co-workers who don’t think they need to bother with email there are going to be repercussions.

An article from the New York Times this weekend addresses the situation with

As a professor who favors pop quizzes, Cedrick May is used to grimaces from students caught unprepared. But a couple of years ago, in his class on early American literature at the University of Texas at Arlington, he said he noticed “horrible, pained looks” from the whole class when they saw the questions.

Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm to Show More Relevant Ads

facebook news feed relevancePutting your ad in front of thousands of Facebook users sounds like a nice way to boost your biz. But what if everyone who sees your ad lives on the West Coast and you sell flowers in Boston?

Facebook’s updated News Feed algorithm should help with that.

I give Facebook a hard time, but they have a tough job balancing the needs of the marketers with the needs of the users. They have to accept enough ads to keep the profits rolling in but not so many that users get annoyed and leave.

They also have to deliver an experience that results in a good return on investment for marketers while at the same time appealing to the interests of the user.

Twitter Enhances Photos on Embedded Tweets

dance-offIn my mind, Twitter and Facebook are having a social media dance off. They’re both on the floor – in each others faces – each pulling out the coolest move to top the other.

Twitter throws down hashtags. Facebook throws down tagging.

Facebook filters the feed by relevance, Twitter counters with @MagicRecs.

Twitter allows embedding, Facebook allows embedding but better. . .

Twitter comes back with enhanced photo embedding! Booyah! Twitter for the win!

Now, when you embed a Tweet with a photo, the image shows up front and center. It’s bigger, it’s bolder. That’s the rich photo experience delivered straight to your blog.


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