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fold phoneInsert Tab A into Slot B.

It’s another terrific Millennial Media Mobile Mix report cover! This one is old school interactive – dig up some scissors and glue and you can create your own customized smartphone.

Hang on now, before you rush off to play, we have to finish our homework.

First, a quiz.

1. The Apple iPhone is the number one phone for ad impressions. Which phone is number two?

2. The average adult spends 2 hours and 13 minutes on their mobile device. What type of media beats that with 4 hours and 31 minutes a day?

3. Games always deliver the most ad impressions but what is the number two app category?


1. The Samsung Galaxy S is number two in ad impressions.

2. My favorite media  — the TV.

3. Number two for ad impression is Music and Entertainment.


Fun Facts:

  • Apple was the leading manufacturer on our platform and had three of the top four mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch).
  • Apple made up 42 percent of total impressions in Q2, which is up from 34 percent of total impressions in Q2 2012. During the same time period, Android increased share from 46 percent to 51 percent.
  • Shopping and Retail apps broke into the top ten for the first time proving that people love to shop with their mobile device!

Take Two Tablets But Don’t Call Me in the Morning

Finally, here’s a look at the emerging tablet industry.

tablet mixThe iPad still rules for ad impressions but Android tablets are coming on strong. The Galaxy Tab and the Amazon Kindle Fire are responsible for more than half the impressions on the Android side. Then there’s the poor little Blackberry – don’t know how they’re managing to keep holding on.

Overall, tablet impressions grew 6% over last year rising from 19% to 25%. I imagine that next year at this time, that number will be double what we’re seeing now. Of course, by September 2014, Millennial Media will have to add another category to their mobile mix – the phablet.

Didn’t think I’d close out the week without finding another reason to use that word, did you?

You did an excellent job with your studies, so now you can go play. Click here to download the new Millennial Media Mobile Mix report and have fun.



  • Aaron Mahl

    In the big picture, iOS really isn’t gaining anything. In the last quarter, 79% of smartphones shipped globally were Android powered. Apple can’t fight that those numbers. Google Play now leads the App Store on downloads. Even today’s fastest growing ad networks like Airpush are Android-centric. And I do NOT think that iOS 7 is going to make things better for Apple, in terms of winning over more developers. I think this is the era of Android and there’ s very little Apple can do to curtail Google’s reach.