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After thirteen years as the #1 Best Global Brand, Coca-Cola has been dethroned by not one, but two technology companies.

This year, Interbrand put Apple in the number one spot with Google as number two.

They came up with those placements by evaluating three key areas:

  • The financial performance of the branded products or service
  • The role the brand plays in influencing consumer choice
  • The strength the brand has to command a premium price, or secure earnings for the company

best global top two


Apple first hit the charts in 2000, coming in with a  brand value of USD $6.6 billion. Now they’re at $98.3 billion which could easily be described as a “meteoric rise.” Interbrand says it’s Apple’s ability to anticipate and act on consumer needs that pushed them higher than ever before.

Google came in a very close second with not only a high brand value but a 34% increase in value. Interbrand gave them high marks for changing the way consumers “live and behave worldwide.” Search, Android, Gmail, Google Glass and a whole host of new inventions on the horizon – I think Google might knock Apple out of the top slot next year.

Top 100 Global Brands

Technology  companies rule the top ten but a few other old favorite brands made the grade, too.

new top 100

Samsung and Toyota both showed excellent growth this year. Intel is in the number nine spot and dropping. I bet we won’t even see them in the top ten in 2014.

The only social media brand to make the top 100 was Facebook coming in at #52. They did show enormous growth, so I expect them to score higher next year.

Two other brands were called out for their amazing growth; Prada and Amazon. That’s a real coupe for Prada since all of the other top risers were online and technology brands.

Altogether, the tech brands dominated the top part of the list with a combined brand value of $443.154 billion. But not every tech brand came out on top. Canon dropped down 5 spots and Sony dropped six.

Luxury brands also put in a good showing with seven in the top ten: Louis Vuitton (#17, +6%), Gucci (#38, +7%), Hermes (#54, +23%), Cartier (#60, +26%), Prada (#72, +30%), Tiffany & Co. (#75, +5%), and Burberry (#77, +20%). This proves that people will still spend big bucks for quality merchandise and high-level of personalized service.

Automotive brands also had a good year with 14 making the top 100 list: Toyota (#10, +17%), Mercedes-Benz (#11, +6%), BMW (#12, +10%), Honda (#20, +7%), Volkswagen (#34, +20%), Ford (#42, +15%), Hyundai (#43, +20%), Audi (#51, +8%), Porsche (#64, +26%), Nissan (#65, +25%), Kia (#83, +15%), Chevrolet (#89, NEW), Harley-Davidson (#96, +10%), and Ferrari (#98, +6%).

A few other interesting notes:

Disney dropped one notch in the rank but gained value – not sure how that works.

One of my favorite brands – eBay – climbed from 36th to 28th place on the chart.

And even though we claim we like to eat healthy, Kentucky Fried Chicken made the list coming in at 66th.

The biggest surprise for me: Starbucks dropping from 88th place to 91st. Guess our love affair with expensive coffee is over.


What would you say is the most valuable global brand?