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Writers rejoice! Pinterest is now promoting reading.

Yes, the site that is all about the pretty pictures, is now making it easier for visitors to see that there’s more to the story with article pins.

Like movie, recipe and product pins before it, article pins are designed to pull in data sets that are specific to that category. In this case, it’s headline, author, story description and link.

Pinterest’s announcement post makes it sound like all of these fields will populate automatically but so far that’s not the case.  The author is the most illusive piece of information and that’s probably because blogs use a variety of ways to attach the name to the post.

The description box appears to be pulling from the start of the article but not always. If the site uses the ‘excerpt’ box, the text might come from there. Either way, there’s only space for a few lines, so now, more than ever, those first words are important.

The best thing about article pins is that they include a “Read this on. . . ” link at the bottom. Normal pins put the source link under the photo. It’s small and doesn’t cry out for clicking.  But no one can miss the read link with arrow at the bottom. It’s a clear call to action and that’s 100 times better than a stand-alone site reference.

Reading Time

Pinterest is encouraging readers to start their own reading boards. Make one for health articles and one for news articles and one for entertainment news.

They’re turning Pinterest into a bookmarking service – with one big twist. Traditionally, when you bookmark something to read it, you remove that link when you’re done. With Pinterest, no one wants you to remove a link. What they need now is a way to mark the article as “read”.

Out of the gate, Pinterest is pointing users to big content providers such as:


They also point to several personalities who have already started a Pinterest reading list.

  • Arianna Huffington’s article board give a glimpse into what she’s currently reading.
  • Head over to Dr. Oz’s reading list board for an expertly curated list of health articles.
  • Queen Latifah’s reading list includes articles about philanthropy, business and entertainment.

And their own:

Jon Parise, Software Engineer, Currently pinning to Pin now, read later.

Pinterest, if you’re listening, we need two more things. We need a “reading” category and one for TV and movies.