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An endorsement from Martha Stewart Weddings, Apartment Therapy or Lucky Magazine can turn a struggling designer into the next big business. But making that kind of connection isn’t easy — unless you know someone – like Etsy.

The social ecommerce site for homemade and vintage goods just gave every one of their sellers a boost with the introduction of Etsy Pages.

Two dozen lifestyle brands have partnered with Etsy to create curated, shopping showcase pages to highlight the very best the site has to offer.

The pages are very plain. They feature tiny photo strips in a variety of categories. Members can Follow the page and they can embed the page on a blog.


babble etsy pageWhen you click on an item, the page opens to a collection of items from that category (not specifically to the item you clicked on, which is a little weird.)

category drill down etsyI had to shrink this page to fit, so it’s tough to see, but each one of these items comes from a different Etsy store. This is where the merchandising magic happens. Each one of these Etsy store owners has been endorsed by Babble. That’s ten times better than simply showing up in a search engine. The implication here is that Babble thinks these items are worth buying. And again, any list can be embedded on any site or blog.

For the launch, Etsy has partnered with Martha Stewart Weddings, Lucky Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Poppytalk, Sweet Paul Magazine,  and Griottes. I only recognize about half of those names, but I’m sure all 27 partners are a force in their own area.

Current categories include weddings, fashion, kids, design and lifestyle.

Etsy Pages is a simple but effective way of matching up small businesses owners with big media properties and that’s a win for everyone. For the brands, it reinforces their position as tastemakers and forward thinkers. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re giving a hand up to the little guy.

For those who sell their wares on Etsy, this is an amazing opportunity to put your product in front of thousands of targeted, potential buyers.

If you sell on Etsy and you’ve been featured on a new Etsy Page, we’d love to hear about your experience.

  • lunamiso

    Unfortunately Etsy has turned into Ebay. No longer caring for the small artisans that made this company a success. There is no way to contact management. Those who complain about the new rating system and other changes have had their shops closed or comments deleted. It is if the Gestapo has taken over. Yet shops that sell cheap knock off jewelry and products from China continue to thrive with no problem. Many Etsy shop owners are jumping ship or shall I say the Titanic!