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According to research done by Business Insider’s Business Intelligence service, Facebook is the dominant player for both brands and celebrities.

The two charts that follow show the stark contrast in sheer numbers that Facebook has over both Google+ and Twitter is significant. Of course, the argument of whether numbers of likes or followers are a true measure of effectiveness comes into play. Whichever side of that argument you find yourself, there is no denying that Facebook is at the very least reaching a much bigger audience.

First the brands:

Top Brands on Social

Now for the celebrities:


Now, this research is looking at the biggest of the big whether it’s a brand or a celebrity. With that in mind, does Facebook dominate for your business in the same way it does here? Does our business fit better with Twitter than Facebook? Are you showing any real impact with a Google+ presence? When faced with spending valuable budget dollars where are you going to turn?

Let us know in the comments.

  • For our business, terms of direct revenue, Facebook is our number one driver. Their ads platform allows us to target the exact audience we want to reach, and create engaging promotional posts within the News Feed. Twitter’s ads platform has still yet to provide a positive ROI. And Google+ of course doesn’t have one yet.

    Google+’s communities are starting to show a lot of promise in helping to spread our content. Users there are very engaged and don’t engage in the type of relentless self-promotion like on Linkedin.