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Google Analytics LogoAs the worlds of IT and marketing come crashing together, it is likely that compliance and certifications normally reserved for infrastructure solutions are going to become mission critical to marketers as well.

A perfect example is anyone gathering data in healthcare. It’s not just about protecting data anymore. Instead HIPAA HITECH compliance may be required. It’s a different world.

That’s why the news that Google Analytics has earned ISO 27001 certification may seem dry by Internet marketing standards it doesn’t make it any less important.

The Google Analytics blog tells us

With infrastructure and services that include robust data protections for all customers, enterprises like Google are able to invest in security measures that might be challenging for businesses to attain on their own.

We’re pleased to announce that Google Analytics and Google Analytics Premium have earned the independent security standard ISO 27001 certification. As one of the world’s most widely recognized standards, ISO 27001 certifies the compliance of the systems serving Google Analytics and Google Analytics Premium.

If marketers want to protect themselves they better be looking at solutions to IT issues that leverage any type of certifications they can. At the very least, it could add another layer of protection for a business that may not exist otherwise. The pot continues

Assurances like these provide users with additional confidence and peace of mind when they use Google Analytics. As Rob Jackson, Head of Elisa DBI, Havas Media explains, “Our clients take data security extremely seriously. Having Google Analytics attain ISO 27001 certification further strengthens our trust in the product and that our client’s data is being protected at the highest standard.”

As marketing becomes just as much of a technical play as it is a creative one are you making sure your solutions are protecting both your customers / prospects and your company?

Simply put, you better.

  • Okay. They still continue to show you really crappy data, but at least you know it’s SECURE really crappy data.

    Thank you, Google Analytics team, for focusing on the important stuff.