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Mobile advertising is well on its way to being an automatic part of the marketing conversation for most companies. The evidence of how many people have devices and are somewhat married to them is enough to make any marketer giddy with wireless excitement.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in conjunction with Ovum released their report ‘Marketer Perceptions of Mobile Advertising – 2013‘ last week and the future looks strong for mobile although significants challenges are in play.

Let’s look at the challenges first.

IAB Key Challenges for Mobile Advertising

No real surprises here but most of the subjects mentioned in this chart pose significant hurdles for the mobile advertiser.

As marketers tend to do though, they will persevere and are quite bullish on the mobile play moving forward. The following charts address budget, objectives and satisfaction with their mobile experience currently.

Budgets are increasing significantly percentage wise, with close to 75% of respondents seeing an increase in mobile spending.

IAB Mobile Budgets Over next Two Years

Next a look at the objectives. It is a relief to see that lead generation is not top of mind here. Why? Because people are getting more savvy and the smaller the screen the harder it is to fill out a form and, as a result, attribution for a prospect reaching out will be hard to nail down. Just knowing this and working accordingly will make for better decisions.

IAB Mobile Advertising Objectives

And to this point, just how satisfied are marketers with their efforts? (We may want to consider this one with a grain of salt since saying you are not good this game would be hard for a marketer to admit, wouldn’t it?).

IAB How Satifisfied Are You With Mobile Advertsing Results

Is your mobile marketing experience in alignment with these findings? Is there anything missing that you might like to add? Please let us know in the comments.

  • cynthialil

    What’s not working for me are these screen takeover ads on apps. I was trying a “stress relief” app yesterday and every time I tapped a feature, I had to view an ad that took over the entire screen. After the third one, I gave up and deleted the app. There has to be a better way

  • Aaron Mahl

    I think native ads solve a lot of the problems and challenges you describe here, especially with regard to reducing the intrusiveness of mobile ads. You also have to consider message relevance and ad targeting, which are hugely important. Great article from Airpush on what’s driving consumer acceptance of mobile ads –