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Facebook Post EditHow many times have you ever posted something on Facebook only to find you butchered some grammar, left a key word out or made some egregious spelling error? How many of those times have you cursed Facebook for not allowing the person who created the update to edit it? Even those commenting had been given the ability to edit their comments but the person who started the conversation had to suffer through their errors or simply delete the whole kit and kaboodle then start over again.

I could never understand why this was the case. Well, now I don’t have to worry anymore. Wow. Life is complete.

TechCrunch reports

The long-requested Facebook feature was likely held back because the company was scared users would bait and switch each other. Imagine if a friend posted “Like this post if you hate Justin Bieber,” and you liked it, but then they edited it to say “Like if you LOVE Justin Bieber.” That could defame your music tastes.

But Facebook apparently found that the edit history section was enough to deter people from such trickery. It started allowing users to edit comments in June 2012, and Page owners have also had the ability to edit text on photo posts for a while. Facebook seems to have encountered few problems so now everyone is getting the option.

So THAT was the reason for not doing it until now? Facebook was concerned about the integrity of social media? Really?! Have they read the vast majority of crap that many people post? Anyway, all it seems to take to keep the dark side from manipulating posts is an edit history. Who knew?

Anyway, at least we can finally have pristine posts. Your thoughts?

  • cynthialil

    Integrity of social media – funny. But the ability to edit – that makes me happy. It’s the small joys in life. . .