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I’m not sure if this is marketing brilliance or if this type of promotion indicates that somebody or something has jumped the shark. Aww heck, it’s just a good piece of marketing.

Kit Kat is teaming with Google to serve up Android 4.4 called, you guessed it, Kit Kat. The video below is pretty funny as the Kit Kat folks poke a little fun at the tech industry that likes to call everything beautiful which sounds a bit, sugary, and, quie honestly, silly. At least everyone has a sense of humor about this.

Don’t think it’s just a name either. ABCNews reports

Google has worked with Nestle, the maker of the chocolatey and crunchy candy bar, to go even further. Nestle will make a number of Android-themed Kit Kat bars. They even made this website to promote it.

According to Nestle, more than 50 million specially branded chocolate bars will be available in 19 markets, including the U.S, U.K, Canada and the Middle East. When you buy the bar, you will be able to enter to win Google prizes, including the Nexus 7 tablet. According to Nestle’s press release, they will also make a limited number of robot-shaped bars. Just like a real-life Willy Wonka.

Of course there is the obligatory statue in Mountain View as well.

Android KitKat

OK, so all you folks who might be disappointed that Key Lime Pie didn’t get make the cut like was once thought, let’s look forward to L as the next version of Android and let’s get creative about what advertisers might want to get on the Android train. Lego maybe? What ideas do you have?

  • DwayneBozie

    Good cooperative marketing agreement.

    I was reading that the former marketing director of Android at Google recently quit because of the naming issues. I looked it up online, and she started working at google at the Cold Stone Creamery Icecream parlor on the Google Campus.

    Her ex-husband, Larry Page, I guess, wanted a brand name product to copy Android after, so she fired his wife, and called the newest version of Android KitKat; which was the last cat that Apple could have named OSX after… but, it just was a bit brash to use another’s trademark.

  • Please use the corrent spell its “KitKat” not “Kit Kat”.

  • Harry

    I hope KitKat gives the user the possibility to change the UGLY hostname of an Android Tablet or phone! A user can give a PC a friendly name, but not the Android device! Now, like in Citrix, when logged on, it looks as ugly as: roidd5764c5357af634, where the PC’s have a name like: My horsepower, or AK-103 etc.