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LinkedIn-Logo-02LinkedIn is very ambitious.

At the TechCrunch Disrupt event its CEO talked about some serious aspirations. VentureBeat reported

[Yesterday], LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner spoke about his company’s future, and his vision is absolutely huge in the scope of its ambition.

“Our longer-term vision is … to build the world’s first economic graph … to visualize every economic opportunity in the world, every skill required to obtain those opportunities,” Weiner said at TechCrunch Disrupt 2013.

Eventually, Weiner said, his company hopes to have a profile for every one of the world’s three billion working people and its entire store of companies and higher education institutions.

When you consider that Faacebook has just over 1 billion users the 3 billion target seems pretty darn large. But hey, LinkedIn seems to be the one business in the social space that has done what others can’t seem to do. Show steady growth in its user base and have very strong stock performance from its IPO to now.

Why is that? Slow and steady still may win the race. That and the recognition by the folks at LinkedIn that business people have content needs that are not like other markets. You can’t razzle dazzle B to B folks and get whitepapers to ‘go viral’. No actually it looks like it might be quite the opposite. People use LinkedIn for rather serious matters and as a result it’s more ‘reserved’. Personally, it’s what I like most about it.

I get less of a ‘megaphone’ feeling from LinkedIn. You don’t need to be the loudest on LinkedIn. You actually need to be a bit smart. That’s a relief considering some of the mindless drivel that passes as social media in the more consumer facing outlets like Twitter and Facebook.

Are you using LinkedIn in your B to B marketing efforts? Where are you finding success? LinkedIn’s Weiner gives you some idea how you might want to approach the platform.

“The goal is to be the ultimate professional publishing platform … for our membership to tap that intelligence to be the best at their jobs,” said Weiner. Editorial curation, viral dynamics, and data algorithms will continue to drive the content that appears for different LinkedIn users, he continued.

Are you leveraging LinkedIn to its fullest? Why or why not?