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mobile transforms bizA mobile phone works two ways; it both sends and receives messages of all kinds. Both are helpful to the consumer.

Mobile marketing also works in two ways; a brand sends messages to the consumer via text, banner ads, or apps and they receive messaging in the form of data from the consumer. Both are very helpful to the marketer.

65% of the participants in a new study said that the combination of the two – mobile access and data – is a game changer.

The data comes from a joint study by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and Neustar, Inc. called “Marketers Guide to Mobile and Data.” In it, 85% of marketers said they believe mobile is a gateway to new markets. 80% called mobile “transformational.” Wow, that’s a lot to live up to.

Data Driven

Even though most marketers are on board with mobile, some are still finding their way when it comes to using mobile data. The study slots everyone into one of three groups: Indifferent (36%), Convinced and Trying (31%), Mobile Data Pioneer (33%).


In each category, the majority believe in the power of mobile demographic data. I think this is because it’s a concept marketers have been using since the cave painting days. We aim beer ads at men and make-up ads at women. Sure there are women who drink beer and men who wear make-up but advertisers tend to stay with the tried and true.

What surprises me is the lack of urgency regarding real-time location targeting.  The best time to sell a person is when they’re in close proximity to your store. Even if you don’t have a brick and mortar store, location can still be used for targeting. For example, cold weather gear is going to sell better in Minnesota than in Arizona even in December. Mobile user is at the airport – it’s the perfect time to pitch that ebook or streaming movie.

The Challenge of Reaching the Mobile Consumer

When asked how they use mobile, 89% of advanced user said mobile video but this was the fourth choice for the Indifferent and the Trying. They both prefer apps, social media and paid search. I think this is a fear factor. There’s something scary about video even though it’s proven to be very effective.

Here’s another weird one: 77% of advanced marketers use mobile coupons, but only 19% of the Indifferent bother and only 23% of the Trying are trying. . .

So what’s slowing everyone down? The Indifferent and the Trying say they don’t know how to identify the right mobile customer. The Mobile Data Pioneer says that’s not a problem. They’re biggest challenge is developing the right creative and promotion.

If you’d like to see the entire study, you can ask for it at:

There’s also a nifty infographic which you can find here:

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