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Dick Tracy WristwatchOh boy, oh boy, oh boy! It’s a tech geek wonderland these days as Google Glass is getting enough traction to merit its own app store and, now, wristwatch ‘computing’ comes in Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear Smartwatch.

The New York Times reports

Samsung Electronics unveiled on Wednesday its highly anticipated digital wristwatch that can snap photos, track workouts and use an array of apps — gadgetry that the company hopes will catapult it into a market of smart portable devices that leave cellphones in users’ pockets.

Named the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the so-called smartwatch will join Google Glass as the latest example of wearable technology. The watch is synced to a cellphone, allowing users to answer calls and receive text messages from their wrists. The timing of the release could also give Samsung a leg up over Apple, which has yet to unveil a similar device but has long been rumored to be working on one.

There are 70 apps already created for the Smartwatch including Evernote, Path, MyFitnessPal and more. Maybe these companies see a real market for this or maybe they are just going along for the ride of experimentation during these early years of Dick Tracy like wearable computing.

No matter what your thoughts are about wearable devices it looks like it is here to stay. What consumers will need to decide is when they get in. The Smartwatch is $299 which is nothing like the $1,500 price tag that the first round of Google Glass carried. Then again the Smartwatch could simply be more novelty than anything else.

As marketers these trends demand our attention to, if for no other reason, not get left behind if this trend really takes off. What do you think? Will it? Is it just a novelty play? Do you want a Smartwatch?

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  • cynthialil

    Hey, that’s nothing! I had a wristwatch calculator in the seventies! Now that’s high tech.