Enjoy Your Ad Free Instagram While You Can

facebook-icon 1 Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Based on that fact alone, did you think it would be ad free forever? If you did I have some ocean front property in Kansas you need to give me a check for right now.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal you can expect your ad free Instagram experience should expire within a year or so if all goes as planned. We learn from the article that a Ms. Emily White will be one of the pivotal players in this change.

As director of business operations, the 35-year-old Ms. White effectively is the new chief operating officer of Instagram, the point person charged with turning a billion-dollar acquisition that has never made a cent into a real business. Mr. Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, still makes the ultimate decisions, but it is Ms. White who is responsible for courting brand marketers and laying the foundation for advertising.

Get Your Mobile Media Research Here!

fold phoneInsert Tab A into Slot B.

It’s another terrific Millennial Media Mobile Mix report cover! This one is old school interactive – dig up some scissors and glue and you can create your own customized smartphone.

Hang on now, before you rush off to play, we have to finish our homework.

First, a quiz.

1. The Apple iPhone is the number one phone for ad impressions. Which phone is number two?

2. The average adult spends 2 hours and 13 minutes on their mobile device. What type of media beats that with 4 hours and 31 minutes a day?

3. Games always deliver the most ad impressions but what is the number two app category?


1. The Samsung Galaxy S is number two in ad impressions.

Twenty-Two Percent of Mobile Apps Are Only Used Once

appsnipLooking for a new app is like channel surfing to me. I download a half dozen in one sitting, give them each five minutes to wow me, if they don’t, then X — they’re gone. I did this last night on my quest to find an app that will organize all the thoughts I have about a book I’m trying to write. Not one of the apps I downloaded made the cut.

According to a study by Localytics, 22% of downloaded apps are only used once before being totally abandoned. These numbers include both paid and free apps (I’m assuming, since it doesn’t differentiate between the two). I would guess that the paid app retention percentage would be higher simply because we’ve plunked down cash so we want to make it work. If you look only at free apps, I would bet that 22% abandon rate would double.

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Younger Internet Users More Likely To Take Action Regarding Privacy

Our favorite research group, The Pew Internet and American Life Project, has produced a new report about online privacy.

We always recommend that you take a deep dive into any Pew research because it is free and it doesn’t have an agenda (in other words, it’s not research as PR which seems to be the norm these days).

The report entitled, Anonymity, Privacy and Security Online, looks at the hottest subject in the online space: privacy. Privacy is the anti-big data play in the online space. It’s something that keeps marketers up at night because the less data there is about online users the less targeted marketing messages can be.

Add to that the findings that show that the youngest Internet users are working the hardest to have some semblance of online privacy and the marketing team could have a harder time reaching their targets. Here is a comparison by age group about who tries to do what with regard to privacy.

Pew Research Online Privacy

Social Media Accounts for Babies: How Important is it to Stake Your Claim?

Yesterday,  I had no idea who Harper Estelle Wolfeld-Gosk was but seeing as she has 6,282 Twitter followers and her account is only 2 weeks old, she must be something special!

Actually,  not only is her account only 2 weeks old, but Harper Estelle herself is only 2 weeks old.

harper twitter

She’s the newborn daughter of Today show correspondent Jenna Wolfe (58,610 followers) and NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk (12,356 followers).  Jenna said she wasn’t sure that Harper would have any followers other than family but she wanted to give the baby a voice in the world. So far she’s only Tweeted nine times and even though the Tweets appear to be from Harper herself (I’m 2 wks old today. From what i can piece together, we’re celebrating with a walk along the river this morn. Way to go all out, Moms.) it’s likely she has someone helping. Then again, she is the daughter of two media personalities so maybe she was born with the ability to Tweet.

The Android Phablet Effect: What is It and Why Should You Care?

What do you get when you cross a smartphone with a tablet? You get a phablet – a word that is just too cool not to use on a regular basis.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a phablet. It’s small enough to carry around in your pocket, you can use it to make calls, but the screen is large enough to make browsing the web and writing your novel while on the go, a breeze. I need one of these but that would mean switching to Android because they have the corner on the phablet market.

It’s this fact that led TubeMogul (another cool word) to officially recognize “The Android Phablet Effect”.

mobile phone types by daypart