Now You Can Look At Your Smartwatch With Your Google Glass

Dick Tracy WristwatchOh boy, oh boy, oh boy! It’s a tech geek wonderland these days as Google Glass is getting enough traction to merit its own app store and, now, wristwatch ‘computing’ comes in Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear Smartwatch.

The New York Times reports

Samsung Electronics unveiled on Wednesday its highly anticipated digital wristwatch that can snap photos, track workouts and use an array of apps — gadgetry that the company hopes will catapult it into a market of smart portable devices that leave cellphones in users’ pockets.

Named the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the so-called smartwatch will join Google Glass as the latest example of wearable technology. The watch is synced to a cellphone, allowing users to answer calls and receive text messages from their wrists. The timing of the release could also give Samsung a leg up over Apple, which has yet to unveil a similar device but has long been rumored to be working on one.

Acxiom Hands Over the Controls to Consumers’ Data to …….. Consumers

aboutdata-hed-2013Call this move whatever you want (and most are calling it a move to get out in front of regulators which isn’t exactly altruistic but hey) one of the world’s largest data brokers, Acxiom, has created a site that allows consumers to find out what data they have on them.

I haven’t checked it out but the idea is certainly not one you would expect. Or would you? Adweek reports

Hoping to keep regulators at bay, Acxiom, one of the world’s largest data brokers, today launched a portal that shows consumers the data that the company has on them and lets them make changes or opt out.

That’s the Ticket! Target Rolls Out Their Digital TV and Movie Service

devices-402x209As the world slowly converts from DVD to Blu-ray, the digital side of the movie and TV industry is moving faster than anyone ever anticipated. When companies first talked about downloadable movies and streaming, folks said, why would I want to watch a movie on my computer? Then they trudged off to Blockbuster to rent the newest release.

Then Netflix came along and said, why drive when you can have a rental delivered to your mailbox? Redbox also found a compromise by putting DVD rental machine in the grocery store. Pick up dinner and a movie, all in one place.

So what’s more convenient than that? How about watching almost any movie or TV show instantly, any time of the day or night from almost anywhere. That’s digital.

Study Shows Facebook Hashtags Don’t Help and They Could Hurt

hashtagsDo you ever click on hashtags to learn more about a topic?

Do you click them on Twitter? Probably.

Do you click them on Facebook? Probably not.

Edgerank conducted a study where they examined 35,000 posts over 500 Pages. About 6,000 of the posts had hashtags and here is the first result.


Wow. Posts without hashtags had a much higher viral reach among fans. Must be a fluke. Let’s test Engagement among fans. . . 22% vs 25% in favor of no hashtag. Hmmmm…

Maybe the results would be more even if we compare only pages with a large number of followers.



No matter how they sliced it, the results were always the same. No Hashtag posts always out performed Hashtag posts. Sometimes the difference was small but sans hashtags always came out ahead.

How a single unhappy customer can destroy your online reputation

A single negative review, or unhappy tweet, might not be enough to take down a strong reputation, but if your company doesn’t both a) fix the issue and b) respond quickly enough to social media attacks, then this can easily happen.

And just in case you need a social media monitoring tool to assist you, then I know the perfect solution!  ;-)

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Kit Kat and Google Team Up for Android 4.4

I’m not sure if this is marketing brilliance or if this type of promotion indicates that somebody or something has jumped the shark. Aww heck, it’s just a good piece of marketing.

Kit Kat is teaming with Google to serve up Android 4.4 called, you guessed it, Kit Kat. The video below is pretty funny as the Kit Kat folks poke a little fun at the tech industry that likes to call everything beautiful which sounds a bit, sugary, and, quie honestly, silly. At least everyone has a sense of humor about this.

Don’t think it’s just a name either. ABCNews reports

Google has worked with Nestle, the maker of the chocolatey and crunchy candy bar, to go even further. Nestle will make a number of Android-themed Kit Kat bars. They even made this website to promote it.

Neil Young’s Pono to Launch in 2014

pono_2014-313x234In Internet marketing we tend to be very visually oriented. Everything is read or seen or viewed. We measure impressions. We often act as if there are no other senses any more.

Enter Pono. This is Neil Young’s pet project to make digital music sound as close to the studio rendering that only the musicians themselves experience. Young has been working on the service and device offering that he claims will bring music back to its fullness. Young for years has bemoaned the advent of CD’s and all things digital music claiming that what consumers ultimately hear is only about 5-10% of the actual sound of the music that is created in a studio.