Facebook Rolls Out Autofill Option for Mobile Purchases

AutofillWithFacebook2Facebook is looking to improve its mobile experience.

Well, really they are looking to make it easier to get into the payments game which means, of course, more revenue. In case you haven’t noticed, there is not much altruism coming out of the Facebook group these days. Anything and everything Facebook does is about revenue. It’s the price you pay of being a publicly traded company.

AllFacebook tells us

The mobile payments product test Facebook confirmed last month is going live on a small scale Monday night, with pilot partner men’s apparel site JackThreads joined by photo-book provider Mosaic on the shopping application side and by payment processors PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree.

38 Percent of Search Engine Users Are Overwhelmed by the Results [Infographic]

Every day I give thanks to the people who invented and perfected the search engine. No exaggeration, Google search has changed the way I move through my day. I use it to find news to write about. I use it to find a place to buy lunch. I use it to save money at the grocery store. I just used it a second ago to find a recipe for dinner. Almost every move I make in a day, begins or ends with a search. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, bad thing, or horribly obsessive thing – but it’s true.

According to Levelwing, 91% of online adults use a search engine and they almost always find what they’re looking for.

search engine experience

Netflix Breaks New Ground with First Major Emmy Win

house-of-cards-kevin-spaceyThe world of online video took two giant leaps forward last night when the Netflix original series House of Cards won the Best Director prize.  It’s another sign of the way the entire TV landscape is changing; which is good news for everyone outside of network TV.

Over the last few years, the big awards have been going to pay cable shows like Showtime’s Homeland and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and other cable shows like AMC’s Mad Men and Breaking Bad. It seems like ABC’s Modern Family and NBC’s 30 Rock, are the only network shows that can topple the cart. But then, that’s probably because the cable networks tend to produce heavy dramas and few comedies.

8 Things You Don’t Want In Your Infographic

stopCongratulations! You’ve embarked on a journey to create an infographic for the sake of building something informative and insightful to readers! What’s that? No. Ah…well please give this a read before proceeding.

Coming up with content for your infographic can be tough, but if you need some help there’s some insight you can glean from this post from Jey Pandian. Once you have the content and focus down, then it’s a matter of fine tuning a few things (or scraping):

1. Clip art

LinkedIn Denies Accusations of Email Improprieties

LinkedIn-Logo-02Last week a class action lawsuit was filed against LinkedIn which claimed that the ‘social network’ for professionals was hacking email accounts and spamming members’ contacts. From The Huffington Post we learn

Four individuals have filed a lawsuit against the professional networking site LinkedIn for “hacking” into their email accounts in order to send invitations to their friends.

The plaintiffs say that while they knew LinkedIn asks for users’ emails, the site does not make clear that it will bombard those users’ friends with up to three email invitations. The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif., alleges that LinkedIn violates the federal wiretap law as well as California privacy laws.

Want Detailed Personal Data? Just Promise People a Shot at Being On TV

The Million Second Quiz - Season 1Personal data is a valuable commodity. Many people will happily tell a brand their age, their income, their education level etc, as long as they get something in return. Points, coupons, gifts, cash – the more you want to know, the higher the payout. $5 might get you a three-page online survey, but if you want someone to show up for a focus group, it’s going to cost $30 and up.

Every year, big brands fork over millions to either gather or buy data on their customers but NBC just got 300,000 people to give up their personal data for free.

Okay, so they had to pay out $2.6 million to the winner of their flop of a summer game show but that’s chump change compared to the value of the acquired data.

Almost Half of All Marketers Will Launch Holiday Campaigns Before Halloween

kmart christmasThe press made quite a fuss when Kmart aired the first Christmas commercial of the season on September 9. This is a full seven weeks earlier than their first 2012 ad, which ran Oct. 28.

The concept of starting earlier and earlier is called “Christmas Creep.” Ironically (or perhaps intentionally), the Kmart ad features a spooky, oversize gingerbread man who creeps up on an unsuspecting woman. “Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you” is the message, but it hardly seems possible given the timing of the ads.

Kmart’s ad is all about layaway, so you can forgive them for jumping the gun but they aren’t the only ones with a premature reveal.

According to a survey conducted by Experian, 49 percent of marketers “suggested” they were going to start a holiday campaign before Halloween.