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MillennialMedia-Vertical-Q2-2013We expect retail advertising to come on strong in the fourth quarter, but according to the new Millennial Media S.M.A.R.T. report, retailers are already swinging for the fences. In Q2 of 2013, retail mobile advertising on Millennial Media’s platform grew 413% year-over-year.

What kind of crazy number is that? Looks like retailers are truly embracing the mobile shopper.

What’s even more amazing is that seven different verticals spent more than 100% over what they spent the prior year.

Non-Profits went all-in with huge growth in spend, but they still didn’t crack the top 10 chart. On the other hand, Government Services made the top ten spend list for the first time. Much of the messaging was related to local issues such as safety and weather warnings.

Looking at actual ad spend, Retail again takes the top slot, followed by Consumer Goods, Entertainment and Technology. I expected Entertainment to take the number one spot because of the summer movie season rolling into the fall TV season – maybe next quarter.

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35% of mobile ad campaigns asked people to download an app. That was followed by Site Search at 30%.

Video ads nearly doubled year-over-year. In Q2 2013, 17% of mobile ads asked viewers to watch. In 2012, it was only 8%.

M-Commerce as an option rose slightly from 6% to 11% but here’s a very interesting note – social media (sending people to Facebook or Twitter) dropped from 11% to 9%.

To be fair, I’m not positive that they were measuring the results exactly the same way a year ago, and it’s a small decrease, so maybe there’s nothing to it. But personally, I think fewer brands are pushing people toward their social media pages because there are better options. In the past, we sent people to Facebook because it was a quick way to get a contact connection. Prior to that, we asked people to sign up for a mailing list, but that’s a pain on a mobile phone. Now, we grab their number and permission to send them text messages or ask them to download an app then send push notifications to keep in touch.

I was never a fan of marketing text messages but I’m slowly coming around for one simple reason – time. Or rather, the lack of it. I used to check Facebook all the time for local restaurant deals but the minute I hit the page, I’m overwhelmed with content. Send me a coupon via text or an app and I’m more likely to use it.

I’ve digressed. . . it’s one of those days.

Getting back to the new Millennial Media S.M.A.R.T. Report. . . this issue takes a look at mobile advertising in the automotive industry. If that’s your thing, click here and check it out for free.