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What do you get when you cross a smartphone with a tablet? You get a phablet – a word that is just too cool not to use on a regular basis.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a phablet. It’s small enough to carry around in your pocket, you can use it to make calls, but the screen is large enough to make browsing the web and writing your novel while on the go, a breeze. I need one of these but that would mean switching to Android because they have the corner on the phablet market.

It’s this fact that led TubeMogul (another cool word) to officially recognize “The Android Phablet Effect”.

mobile phone types by daypart

As the chart plainly shows, iPhone users whip out their phones early in the morning, then again after midnight . . . which I guess you could also call early in the morning. Then usage drops off as we head into primetime. But look at Android phones. 33.9% of all mobile views on Android come in between 8 pm and midnight.

This corresponds with the switch that happens from iPhone to tablet.

mobile views by daypart

Tablet usage peaks first around 8 am then drops off drastically before beginning a bumpy rise through the primetime hours.

But that’s not the whole story. TubeMogul also found that nearly half of all video ads are viewed between Thursday and Saturday. Weekend views have the highest completion rate. I’d guess this is because people are more relaxed on the weekend so they don’t feel the need to rush from one task to the next.

For iPhone users, Saturday is by far the best day for mobile video views, Wednesday is the worst. For Android, it’s Thursday and Friday with Tuesday being the worst.

What Does This Mean for the Marketer?

This means that the best time to reach your mobile customer is later in the week. If you’re building video and other ads for iPhones, early in the morning is a great time to catch users in action. If you’re working on an interactive piece that needs a larger screen, save it for after 8 pm.

What’s really fascinating is how the phablet is disrupting this pattern. Looks like going forward, we could end up with a flat line of usage – a world where no one ever steps two feet away from their singular mobile device.