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dance-offIn my mind, Twitter and Facebook are having a social media dance off. They’re both on the floor – in each others faces – each pulling out the coolest move to top the other.

Twitter throws down hashtags. Facebook throws down tagging.

Facebook filters the feed by relevance, Twitter counters with @MagicRecs.

Twitter allows embedding, Facebook allows embedding but better. . .

Twitter comes back with enhanced photo embedding! Booyah! Twitter for the win!

Now, when you embed a Tweet with a photo, the image shows up front and center. It’s bigger, it’s bolder. That’s the rich photo experience delivered straight to your blog.


They also work in landscape mode: like this Tweet from a photographer and cyclist who ironically is named Couch.


Twitter would also like me to remind you, that you can interact with embedded Tweets just like any other Tweet. You can click to see it in all its glory. You can reTweet, reply and follow the Tweeter right from the embed.

This is all very nice, but as a writer, I’m concerned about the lack of respect for words in Tweets. It seems like Tweets only get noticed if they have a grand photo or a funny video attached. But I’m a fan, so I’m not going anywhere. But I do have one big request:  I want the ability to add my thoughts to a reTweet.

Adding to a reTweet used to be an option, wasn’t it? I can do it with HootSuite, but I really want the ability to hit that button from, add my thoughts and post. Wouldn’t that make reTweets more valuable? Yes, I know I can cut and paste and twist and force, but most of the time I don’t have the patience for that. I want click, type and Tweet.

I’d also like the ability to schedule my Tweets right in my timeline but that’s wishing for the moon, I know. In the meantime, I’ll keep using HootSuite for all of heavy lifting and or Twitter mobile for the fast skim.