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What Part of Your Web Page Gets Viewed the Most?

Preview Viewership ChartbeatWeb site owners always want to know how they can optimize their site so that the most important stuff is the online equivalent of ‘front and center’.

Chartbeat took a look at this as reported by Adweek.

There’s been a lot of attention paid lately to the fact that a lot of online ads going unseen, and with it, the assumption about what parts of a Web page are most valuable. Chartbeat analyzed 25 million user sessions across the Web and turned up some interesting findings. Despite what many advertisers may think, it’s not the top of the page that’s the most viewed; it’s actually the part of the page just above the fold. Looking at where viewers spend the most time on the page (and presumably seeing the adjacent ads), it’s even further down.

Here is an infographic of sorts to show their findings


Do you agree? If you are placing ads should they be at that point? How can you determine the fold for every type of screen size? What other questions do you have about these findings?

  • fifo

    I wish there were more of such articles ….Thank you


  • Tommy Clark

    gotta keep your site simple like that new freelance one dont bor the users

  • Tony

    I’ve heard different things about where exactly people are looking. That infographic really laid it all nicely in a way that was easy to understand. Thanks a lot.

  • sayakipli

    Despite what many advertisers may think, it’s not the top of the page that’s the most viewed